The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

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3. Three

Chapter Three


She flicked me off before walking away,her friend close behind her.I couldn't stop laughing at what just happened,neither could the girls at my table.Michael,on the other hand,didn't seem so tickled by what had just happened.

"What is your problem?"

"Nothing,why are you so mad for?"

"You just tripped that innocent girl walking by with her friend."


"You're an asshole Calum."

I laughed as I turned away to talk to Candice.I didn't have time for him and his problems.I was just trying to have a little fun,and all he was doing was ruining it.Ashton and Luke were coming this way towards our table.

"Hey ash!" Candice said.


"Did you see what Calum just did to that girl? It was so funny."

I face palmed myself as ashton fixed his gaze on me.I knew that once someone,and that someone being Candice,told him what I'd done to her that he would yell at me.He was the only one that knew about Leah and I over the summer.

"What girl and what did Calum do to her?"

"What's her name Calum,tell him."

Ashton looked at me,his face balled up.He was obviously mad.

"What was her name? Oh yeah,It was Leah.He tripped her and her food went all over her.It was so funny."

"Shut up Candice!"

I gave Candice an evil look.Why did she have such a big ass mouth.She was so damn annoying.

"You what?! Why the hell would you do that?"

"I thought it would be funny,which it was so shut up."

"You need help."

"Yeah whatever."

I didn't have time for Michael's and Ashton's attitudes.I was just trying to have a little fun considering that hangout with the same people everyday could get boring sometimes.I get why ashton was mad,I had claimed to love this girl over the summer,but that's all it was,A summer fling.She was beautiful and smart,basically everything that I wanted in a girl but I didn't want her."

After my last to classes if the day,I left school and walked out into the parking lot filled with kids to find Luke.He was basically my only ride home since my mom took my car keys last week.Instead of finding Luke,I found ashton.

"You need to go apologize to Leah right now."

"No,I don't and your not going to make me."

"What happened to all of the supposed love you had for her over the summer?"

"It got played out.I had a great time with her,I honestly did.She's beautiful,smart,kind,sweet,and all over amazing but I don't like her like that.At least I don't think so anyways."

"So your just going to leave her hurt?"

"She doesn't seem so hurt ashton."

I pointed her out in a crowd of guys and girls.She seemed perfectly happy,a smile that I remembered all to well spread across her face.Leah's eyes moved up and soon found mine,but I disconnected our eyes and looked back at ashton.

"Just because it doesn't seem like it doesn't necessarily mean that she isn't."

"Look I'm going to find Luke.We're stopping by Michael's to hang,are you coming?"

"Yeah,I'll be there later.I have to go do something."

He walked away from me and I turned to find Luke,but not before getting one last glimpse of Leah.She didn't seem hurt as I said before so I wasn't going to swears it.I easily found him leaning up against his car,a red SnapBack on top of his head.

"Ready to head to Ashton's?"



"This is mayday parade."

I put the headphones on top of her head and raised the volume making sure she could hear ever last perfect guitar rift in the song.I watched as she aimlessly stared out of the glass windows that surrounded the music store we were in.

"Not bad.I actually kinda like it."


"Yeah,Its a really good song.What's it called?"

"Miserable at best."

"I like how it's not too rock 'n roll-ish but its not too boy-band sounding."

"It's called punk rock."

"I knew that,I was getting there."

I laughed.She was amazing.I loved how she wasn't like every other girl here,she was stuck up acting.Most girls wouldn't have agreed to doing this with me,sitting in an old music store listening to bands.Also she didn't try to hard with her looks like most girls here did,I guess you could say she was perfect.


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