The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


14. Thirteen: the mall

"So you guys are a thing?" Bria asked.

Bria and I were at the mall looking for dresses for the party tonight.

"Yes,we are officially a thing." I smiled.

"That's amazing,holy crap!" She squealed.

"Oh,him and I are going to Candice's party.You should go with us." I said.

"I was gonna go anyways." Bria said,blushing harder than I've ever seen her do before.

"What's his name?" I asked.

"His name's Keaton,he can sing and he has the most amazing smile and he's hot and his body makes me want to cry." she blurted.

"I'll take it you like him," I laughed,"So when can I meet this Keaton since I am your best friend?"

"At the party.He's picking me up." she said.

"That reminds me,I have to call Calum and tell him that I wanna go." I said,Pulling out my phone.

My eyes were soon covered.

"What the hell? I can't see." I said,trying to remove the object covering my face.

"Hey babe."

"Calum? What are you doing here?" I asked as he hugged me, "Hey Ashton."

Ashton waved at me with a big smile.

"I'm here trying to find a really hot dress for my girlfriend." he happily smiled.

"But I'm looking for one now." I whined.

"Well I've got you covered.You just go ahead and have fun and relax." he smiled.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing Calum?" Bria laughed.

"As a matter a fact,yes I do thank you very much." he said.

Bria laughed.

"Stop being sassy." I laughed,while slapping his arm.

"You ladies have fun,ash and I will catch up with you guys say in about half an hour?" Calum asked.

"Sure,we'll meet in the food court by that Chinese food place." Bria said.

Calum and Ashton nodded before heading in the direction of American eagle.

"I'm scared." I laughed.

"I'm scared for you." Bria joked.

"Shut up and help me find the bathroom.The slushy I had went right through me literally."

I went to the bathroom and came back out to see Bria flirting with some guy.I walked up to them and she basically dragged him towards me.

"Keaton,this is my best friend Leah and Leah,this is the guy I was telling you about,Keaton." she introduced us.

"Hi,nice to finally meet you." He asked,pulling me into a bear hug.

"Hey,nice to meet you too." I said,returning the hug.

We pulled away and went over to grab something to eat.We didn't have much to do since Calum took the only thing we came to the mall to do,so we decided to just sit and talk.

Keaton was nice and really sweet.Bria seemed to be into him and he seemed to be really into her too.It's like they were basically dating.

It was nice seeing her happy.


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