The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


11. Ten: Old beach days

We drove in silence to the unknown location that had Calum grinning like crazy.We took different twists and turns on roads that were not to far from my house.

The closer we got to the location,the more familiar it got.We came to a stop and my heart sank completely.Calum can't be serious right now.How dare he hit me right in my heart by bringing me here.

"Come on." he nudged his head towards the beach.He got out and walked over to my side of his car,extending out a hand to me.I didn't hesitate for a second and grabbed ahold of it.

"You might want to take off your shoes." he suggested.I bent down and removed my vans and held them in my hand.Calum did the same with his converse.

He intertwined our fingers and I walked alongside him into the sand.I missed the familiar feel of the sand soaked sand running between my toes as I walked.This place was a very special place that held a lot of very special memories.All of them which were with Calum.

"You know I remember the first time I saw you.I was at that exact nandos waiting for my order." he said smiling,extending his finger to point at the small restaurant.

"Yeah,I definitely remember that day." I said.Why was he doing this to me? Was he trying to prove a point to me because if so,It was definitely working

"I remember looking up from my phone and thinking damn,that is one beautiful girl." He said.I watched a smile creeped to his face.I squeezed his hand a little.

It was silent for a while as we walked along the shore of the beach.The memories rapidly coming back into my mind.I wanted to cry so bad because of the happiness I endured during those memories.

Calum faced the open waters and just stood there glaring out.

"I remember bringing you out here and teaching you how to surf.God,you were horrible." he said jokingly,a small laugh escaping his lips,"But the smiles and laughs that came from you totally made up for it."

"Yeah,I was pretty horrible." I agreed,letting out a giggle.

"It took me forever to convince you to trust me enough to even take past the shore line." he said,laughing a bit louder than before.

"Why'd you bring me here?" I asked curiously.I really wanted to know what made him bring me here.What his exact intentions were.

"I wanted to show you that I didn't forget you.All of these memories meant more to me than you could imagine." He said,his eyes flowing with emotion.He stepped in front of me,not once breaking the intertwining of our hands.

"I want that back,you and me spending time together.I want you to forgive me.I want to be able to hold you tight and tell you that everything's alright.I want to be able to look you in the eyes everyday and tell you I love you,and yes I do mean that.I'm not sure if I'm going through a phase but I'm in love with you and I'll be patiently waiting for the day those three words come out of your mouth to me."

I stood there speechless as I tried yo process what'd just said to me.I was in complete shock.He loved me.He was in love with me.Was this even possible at thus rough age of 17 years old? The question I'd probably never know the answer to.


I was cut off by the by his lips softly and oh so gently pressing against mine.I let my hand roam through his hair and down to his chin,holding it gently in my palm.Calum's hands found their way to my waist,which I enjoyed the feeling of.

he slowly pulled away from me and looks me in the eyes,deep in the eyes,his chocolate brown eyes full of emotion.

"Calum I can't really say that I love you,but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want that back."

"Okay well let's start right now.As of right now,let's make some new memories,you and I." He said,pulling me closer to him.

"But on one condition." I said,a smile creeping on my face.

"And what is that Leah Cortez?" He said,smiling at me,while he leaned his head against mine.

"You owe me a new all time low tee,hood." I said,a giggle escaping from between my lips.

"As long as you're mine,you got it."


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