The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

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7. Seven: Revealed past

Chapter Seven

|Calum POV|

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.I couldn't talk to her like this,so I hung up.I quickly wiped the tears away from my eyes.I had no idea why I was crying.Was it because of her? I don't even know.All I know is that I felt bad for treating her like crap since school started.I'll openly admit that those feelings I had are still here.I just didn't want to admit it to myself.

I wasn't used to falling for someone as hard as I fell for her.It was different.I was so used to having girls just like me because of my looks.All they wanted I do was get into my pants.But Leah,she genuinely liked me.I wanted her but I wasn't sure.I hoped into my car and drove to the only person I could truly trust,Ashton.When I got there,I walked up really fast and rung the doorbell.

"Yeah,go ahead and order a piz-Calum where have you been?!" Ashton basically yelled.Michael and Luke came running to the door.

"I went for drive.I needed to think."

They moved out of the way so that I could get through,Ashton closing the door behind me.

"What did you say to Leah?" Michael immediately spoke up,his voice serious.

"I apologized to her,why?"

"She started crying during lunch and ran off,that's why." Luke said.

"Wait,did you guys ask her what's wrong?"

"No,that's why we're asking you." Ashton said.

"I admitted my feelings for her and I may have called her a bitch and some other stuff but I didn't mean it.She was just being so damn difficult."

"So you insult her?" Luke yelled.

"I didn't mean to,I just got frustrated."

"You really have a way with making girls feel loved." Michael scoffed,before putting the phone to his ear and walking into the kitchen.

"Do you know where Leah is?"

"I doth know,try the school.The last time we saw her,she ran to the girls' bathroom and Bria went after her.Bria told us that she wouldn't come out of the stall." Ashton said.

I nodded and raced out the door,hopped into my car and drove to the school.


I ran down the halls and checked the only two girls' bathrooms on the first floor.She wasn't in either of them.I turned around and started back out the school when I caught sight of Bria,and she didn't look happy.

"Calum,why the fuck did you say to her!?" She yelled,hitting my arm.

"Chill,I apologized and I may have insulted her.I didn't mean to it just kind of slipped out."

"It just slipped out? Are you kidding me? I swear she was right,you are an Asshole.I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt." she said.

"She said that about me?"

"Yeah and I don't blame her.You so damn fake.You basically strung her along just as a summer fling.She was already hurt and you hurt her even more.Get the hell out of my way,I need to go see if she's okay."

"That's not true I really liked her and what do you mean she was already hurt?"

"Don't worry about it." she scoffed and turned on her heels.I grabbed her wrist and turned her back towards me.

"Tell me,why was she hurt? Did someone hurt her?"

"You really want to now,fine.The real reason her mom moved her here was because she was being bullied since she was in the second grade.About two months before she moved here,her best friend committed suicide and she went into a deep depression.She started cutting and almost committed suicide herself.So when some guy finally came along that made her feel happy,wanted and not hated,she fell right in not even considering the fact the guy might be a complete asshole." She said.I stood there speechless.

"I didn't know that."

"Yeah I know you didn't because you were so caught in your own popularity and just using her as a fling." she shot back. "did you even notice the scars on her wrists and stomach because she said you taught her how to surf or something like that."

"No I didn't pay them too much attention because I was too busy enjoying my time with her and staring at her beautiful face."

"Whatever." she scoffed," I have a friend to go comfort."

"Tell her I'm sorry."

She scoffed and walked away from me.I ran my hands through my hair as I thought.Tomorrow I was going to apologize to her.I didn't care about my reputation anymore.I cared about and liked her a lot.If people couldn't understand that then it was whatever.

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