The Bully | C.H.

One summer,One summer was all he needed to trick her into believing he liked her.

All Rights Reserved © OverCalumed 2014


4. Four

"For the last time Ashton I'm not apologizing to her so please shut up already!"

We walked into Ashton's place,Luke and Michael not far behind.Ashton threw his hands up in surrender.

"Who is she anyways?"

I sighed before answering Luke's question.

"She was just some girl I had a thing with over the summer,that's it."

"Wait,like a sexual thing or..."

"No nothing like that,It was more of just hanging out and showing her around."

"So there were no feelings involved,just being friendly?"

Ashton interjected his comment.

"Don't you dare lie about this hood.You know damn well you had feelings for her,you liked her."

"Shut up Ashton!"

"No! Not until you admit it."

"Okay,fine.I'll admit that I had feelings for her but it was nothing serious.Yeah she's cute and stuff,but I don't like her anymore."

Michael and Luke looked at me confused.

"Then why were you being so mean to her at lunch?"

"I wasn't being mean,I was just trying to have a little fun."

"And tripping her and embarrassing her is your idea of fun? you can be mean sometimes but that's pretty messed up Calum."

I can't believe my own friends are criticizing me about how I choose to have fun.I still thought Leah was cute,but I didn't like her like that.At least I think I don't anyways.

"Okay can we actually hang out and call some girls over or are you guys gonna keep criticizing me?"

Michael and Ashton were on their phones.Luke nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah let's call some girls over,but I agree with Ashton cal.I think you should apologize to her and I think you should do it at Alexandria's party tomorrow night."

Alexandria was one of my sisters friends,who may I add was really hot.

"Leah's gonna be there?"

"Yeah,Alexandria gave her an invitation during lunch today."

"Okay fine I'll apologize but that's it."

Ashton looked up from his phone when I said this,a smile crept onto his face.

"Thank you! That's all I was asking for,but we all know that you'll be drunk so something more is bound to happen at that party between you and her."

"Don't get your hopes up because like I said I don't like her like that anymore."

"Sure Calum,whatever you say."

I shook my head before dialing the first ten girls numbers that were in my phone.As the phone rang,I sat there thinking.Nothing was going to happen between her and I besides me apologizing,maybe some small talk but nothing else.I cut the friendship or so-called relationship off for a reason.I enjoyed spending time with her,believe me I did,but the feelings just weren't there.Or so I thought.


"Today's been fun,thanks."

Leah looked at me,a small smile playing at her lips.The light that bounced off the sunset hit her eyes,showing of the hazel in them.She was so damn beautiful.

"No problem."

It was silent as we walked hand in hand across the sandy beach,the cool sea breeze blowing her hair back.

"You know,you're really beautiful."

She smiled down at the ground.I could see her cheeks turn a light pink.I loved that I had that affect on her,the affect to make her blush.I found it cute.

"No,I'm not.I'm average."

"Well you obviously aren't called beautiful enough,maybe I can be that guy to remind you that you are."

She didn't say anything,but the smile just kept growing and growing.It's only been three weeks and I was already feeling myself fall for this girl.I wanted to stop myself,but I couldn't and frankly I didn't want to.

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