Per Aspera (NaNoWriMo 2014)

My first 5000 words of the story I'm writing for NaNo this year!


4. Outcasted

My feet and the ground became one, I couldn't bring myself to get in the car even though all of my insides were all jelly-like and my mind was shoving aside that crazy word apocalypse thought and I felt relieved. Grateful.


                             The glowing eyes kept blinking in silence but all of them were full of questions.

                             "Come one, are you gonna stare at them all day?" The man with the husky voice said. "Get in."

                             I turned around to look at him. Now that the sun has risen, I could finally see his face. The man was in his mid-forties even though his sleek black ponytail didn't have any grey shade to it. His narrow eyes had bitch black irises which send a shiver down my spine. A few hairs were loose from his ponytail and fell on his high cheekbones as he brushed them away with precision and crossed his arms.

                             "Get. In," he hissed as I wrapped my hands around Marina's tiny waist tighter and backed to the open car door.

                             I turned around and lifted Marina and climbed in myself. The car windows were completely covered, so when the doors slammed shut, we were left in the darkness once more.

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