Maybe one day, you'll find that one true person, someone who trusts you enough to tell you about all the hidden thoughts. Untill that day, you'll have to wait. You'll have to be lonely.


2. What's your name?

It was one of those clear afternoons. The sky was light blue, but it was a cold blue, and the light seemed sharp and harsh. André saw the mysterius girl on the stairs, outside of the school. It was only his first year at the school, but he was certain he had never seen her before. He did not know what to do, so he looked at his feet while walking away.

Untill someone yelled after him.

"Hey!" the girl said, as she ran down the stairs. André stopped and looked at her without knowing what to say. "I saw you a couple of days ago!" she said "when I was reading at the library." André told her that he loved the poem she had read. He was not a person who was good at speaking to strangers, but he tried as hard as he could this time - There was something special about her.

"Are you new at this school?" André asked. "Yeah" she said. She didn't say more than that. André was supposed to ask her about the girls old school, but he didn't. He was too shy.

They just stood there for a while. It was not awkward. She enjoyed the crisp, rare, beautiful day and André was thinking about paintings, and about painting a picture of her. "What's your name?" André asked.

- "Juliett. What's yours?"

- "André"

He wanted to paint a romantic picture. A red forrest, or small people playing the piano, or golden lips. No. He wanted to paint Juliett. 

"Are you going this way?" André asked, and pointed down the road. She nodded, even though she wasn't.

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