The Third Door [NaNoWriMo 2014]

"I died.
Now I live.
But I live within the boundaries of my head.
What happens on the outside is beyond my control."
Constructive criticism is very welcome on this. I will be updating in small sections, but I will probably republish this with proper chapter splits when I finish it. © 2014 Parsavagely


32. Chapter 6 Part 3

“Hi Seb, sorry I didn’t answer earlier, ring me back when you get this. Love you. Bye.” I hang up after leaving the voicemail for Seb. Cal is driving towards the main road so that I can get my bearings. He glances at me, noticing that I am staring at the phone in my hand intently.

“You two still good then?” he asks, knowing fully well what the answer is, though I don’t think he likes it.

“Yeah, same as always,” I reply. He nods and pauses for a moment to concentrate on avoiding a swerving car.

“Idiot!” He coughs, “Sorry, I hate drivers like him. So how long have you been together now?” He glances over at me again, trying to keep the conversation flowing. I wave my hand to dismiss his apology.

“It’s fine. I think it’s two years in June.” I smile to myself, remembering the day clearly. One of my earliest memories is of him walking with me by the river, then feeling his fingers reaching for mine, then hearing the whisper in my ear of the words that changed the life I hardly knew. I remember how the summer breeze blew my hair across my face, so I couldn’t see his. I remember seeing the fear in his eyes when the wind died down, then the joy when I agreed with him and let him into my life. I’ve never regretted or forgotten that day.

“Is it left here?” Cal asks, snapping me from my daydream. I glance around quickly, recognising my street.

“I think so.” He changes lane quickly and dives down my road, taking me past the park and the coffee shop to just outside my house. I tell him to stop the car; he manages to react quickly enough to tuck in between the two cars either side of the path leading to my front door.

“Thanks Cal,” I say, stepping out of the car. He leans over and passes me my phone, which fell out of my pocket as I stood up. “Oh, thanks, I’m an idiot sometimes.” He laughs at my self-criticism.

“No worries, hopefully we’ll see you back in on Monday,” he says. He sits up and turns the key in the ignition.

“Wait!” I shout. He whips his head round at my outburst. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to shout, but, what day is it today? I’ve been sleeping and fainting a lot so I’ve lost track…” He relaxes, realising it’s nothing serious.

“Oh, sure, it’s Saturday, enjoy your weekend.” He waves; I close the door and watch him drive away. He narrowly avoids running into the back of a delivery truck, which stops suddenly in front of him. I hope he doesn’t get too mad.

As I walk up the path to the front door, I feel my phone vibrate in my hand. It’s Seb. I answer it as quickly as I can.


“Hi, how are you?” his voice replies.

“I’m good, when are you getting back?” I hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I search for my keys in my various pockets.

“Probably arou–ʺ Damn. The phone hits the floor, I pick it up to find that the crack has extended, branching out to cover most of the screen. I put it back on my ear quickly, “–so I’ll see you then.”

“Wait! Seb, I dropped the phone, when did you say you’d be?” I hear nothing on the other end, then the short tones telling me he hung up. Damn.

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