The Third Door [NaNoWriMo 2014]

"I died.
Now I live.
But I live within the boundaries of my head.
What happens on the outside is beyond my control."
Constructive criticism is very welcome on this. I will be updating in small sections, but I will probably republish this with proper chapter splits when I finish it. © 2014 Parsavagely


24. Chapter 4 Part 7 (End of Chapter 4)

The heavy hand hits her face, sending her sprawling to the floor. She cries out as her wrist takes the full impact of the fall, but finds a heavy hand over her mouth. It grabs her tightly and drags her close to his mouth, so that he can spit the words directly into her eyes.

“Never again. I cannot keep forgiving you,” he snarls. She closes her eyes and tries to turn away as he leans closer still; he forces his lips onto hers, which remain tightly pursed. She begins to shake with the sobs that try to escape her captured mouth, the guilty tears roll down her face and onto his cheek.

Feeling the moisture, his lips release and the heavy hand slams her against the wall. His fist hits her again and again, forcing the back of her head to knock against the stone. More tears flow, which only seem to add to his rage, the more she cries, the harder he hits. Eventually, the reservoirs dry up and his heavy hand grows tired. He considers for a moment, before he leaves the room and his heavy hand locks the door behind him.

Darkness falls as the girl drops to the floor, her head in her hands as she holds her wrist, still tender from the heavy hand’s first contact; that hit now irrelevant in light of the successive punishment she received. Worst of all, his kiss. The guilt he imposed upon her tears her apart from the inside, she rocks herself, trying to convince herself it is not her fault. But she knows it is.

She hits the wall with her own fist out of frustration; the pain it induces makes no difference, but she does it anyway. As she once again decides to hate herself, she finds herself lying down, fatigue overcoming her.

Her head drops. 

Her eyes close.


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