Claire is hated by her pack, every one thinks the murdered her parents. she didn't. her brother blamed her when her parents died, since then she's been the omega of her pack and the punching bag.
her own mate rejects her, she runs but they run into each other again.
what will happen???


3. prologe: Chris

Chris's P.O.V.

 I'm Chris, in a few days I will turn 18 and be the alpha of the Thorn Pack.

When we were growing up Claire, Max, and I used to be practically joined at the hip, we went every where together.

After their dad and mum died Max told me it was Claire's fault they died. at first I didn't believe him, nobody did, but know nobody cares if she did it or not, she's just a punching bag now. She's so stupid we don't let her leave the pack house, if we let her go to our school it would just embarrass our pack.

since before her parents died nobody has seen her happy, only sad. She hasn't even cried since after their deaths, even though we abuse her daily.

The pack sl*ts have made it their goal to make her mate reject her to see if she will cry then. I don't want to help but the are making me.

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