Claire is hated by her pack, every one thinks the murdered her parents. she didn't. her brother blamed her when her parents died, since then she's been the omega of her pack and the punching bag.
her own mate rejects her, she runs but they run into each other again.
what will happen???


4. day before

Claire's P.O.V.

 another day in hell, I get up and head to the bathroom. I am lucky to live in the basement with a bathroom. went I look in the mirror all I see is bruises and blood, and messed up hair. luckily since I have shifted already I heal faster than humans so the bruises will be gone before lunch today, ready to be replaced my more.

I guess if I had the right clothes on and no injures than I would be "pretty". I have long brown hair with blonde highlights. i'm pretty skinny though, but every one says I'm fat so, im not allowed to eat as much as the others. the pack sl*ts always complain I'm so ugly they loose their appetites when I eat with them so, I have to wait till everybody's done eating then I get whatever they don't eat.

when I leave the bathroom I check the time, 7:10. I haveto hurry or im gonna get beat even more than usual.

*15 min later*

"hurry up you little sl*t! I want my food" yells Chris.

i'm almost done with the food, just as I finish he comes in looking angry, he raises his hand to slap me. I close my eyes and tense up waiting for the hit. after a few minutes I open my eyes and he's gone and he took all the pancakes I   made for the pack, they eat tons of food. I had to make over 50 pancakes.

Since it's Friday all the other kids my age and younger left the pack house, of course they left it a mess for me to clean up.  

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