Claire is hated by her pack, every one thinks the murdered her parents. she didn't. her brother blamed her when her parents died, since then she's been the omega of her pack and the punching bag.
her own mate rejects her, she runs but they run into each other again.
what will happen???


8. chapter 8

Claire's pov

when I woke up all I felt was pain, I couldn't move. when I could finaly move I saw the time was 8:50 luckily today everyone in the pack went out for the day, leaving me to decorate the house and bake for Chris's becoming of age party.

*2 hours later*

I finally finished decorating the house, time to start with the food. I think they are punishing me because they are making me do this by myself in one day.

while I finished I got my ipod out and started playing music, Animal by Maroon 5 came on, I was singing along with the song while baking the cake when I heard someone laugh, puzzled at who could be here I turned around and saw Chris, looking very happy laughing. suddenly terrified  I turned my music off and silently finished putting the cake in the oven. I made a mistake and turned around to ask what chris needed.

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