Claire is hated by her pack, every one thinks the murdered her parents. she didn't. her brother blamed her when her parents died, since then she's been the omega of her pack and the punching bag.
her own mate rejects her, she runs but they run into each other again.
what will happen???


7. chapter 7

Chris's pov

me and my friends were heading to the meadow we almost always go to hang out.

when I exited the trees I saw Claire, she looked happy or at least relaxed. I have never seen her like thins before, she actually looked kinda cute like that, but she killed the beta and his mate, I could never do anything to her besides hurt her with my friends.

after a bit of walking I stepped on a twig, causing a loud snap to echo out into the meadow, the relaxed Claire I just say instantly turned into the scared little girl we all abuse. right when I stepped on the branch all my friends walked out of the trees. when they came out I said "well, well, well who do we have here?" and started walking towards her, If we were in the house she would just close her eyes and wait for the punch, hit, or kick. for some reason when we were about 10 feet from her she started running, and she can run fast.

I said to the boys "we can always teach her not to run from us when we get home" with my signature smirk on my face.

for the rest of the day we stayed at the meadow then we went to Claire's room to teach her a lesson.


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