Claire is hated by her pack, every one thinks the murdered her parents. she didn't. her brother blamed her when her parents died, since then she's been the omega of her pack and the punching bag.
her own mate rejects her, she runs but they run into each other again.
what will happen???


11. chapter 10

Claire's POV


"Mates!" Screamed my wolf


No this must be a mistake!


" I chris, the alpha of the thorn pack, reject claire as my mate" he said with a sad look in his eyes. I wonder why he would have that look, its not like he even likes me.

"I claire, omega of the thorn pack, accept alpha chris's rejection" after i said those words my chest burned, and when i looked at chris it looked like he was in pain too, serves him right he treats me like a punching bag for years!

"We should leave the pack!!." my wolf says. I cant agree with you more!! I said back to her immediately

I ran back up to my room, after I made sure nobody was following me up, I ran into a random room and stole a backpack from somebody. I walked around the house and found out Chris left, so I ran up to his room and grabbed his wallet, I took all the cash in it, a total of about $5,000, he gets a lot of money and doesn't have a bank account.

I fit all my belongings in that one backpack, and looked around my basement. home sweet home, I thought to myself.

I decided I would leave tonight during Chris's party, the guards won't be surrounding the pack land during the party. 



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