Imnsonia || n. h.

First Book of the sleep disease Trilogy. *One Direction is not famous in this story* Imnsonia n. in-som-ni-a Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain sleep for an adequate length of time. ''Sometimes i would like to shut the world from one day, and think about all my mistakes, but I clearly see that you wouldn't let me do it'' I say. He sighs, and sees me with his diamond blue eyes. ''But darling, you dont need to shut the world out, you need to open the doors to the world, and, stay with me''.


2. The gift.



You will forget it later.

You can pass it.

You are mentally and physically able to take a step forward.


Thats what everyone said to me after the incident. And it wasn't true. Nothing was true. I feel myself trap on those memories. And I can't get rid of it. Every night i think of that incident, of how my mistakes could do that. I ended not sleeping all this nights, giving me this so-called ''disease'' with the name of Imnsonia. 

I dont think its a disease. I think its a gift.

This gift could give me the pleasure of thinking all night, that enjoyable feeling, of doing unanswerable  questions. 

I didnt present myself. I'm Erin, im 16 years old, I live in the UK, and I consider myself a compulsive reader.

I don't have many friends, but I do have. Im not the so-called popular girl, with the cool clothes and every guys crush, i prefer to reserve myself from stupid people. I think popularity is for mediocre people that only want attention, or what I have read, people that is expecting that everyone like him or her.

People at my school think I am the living example of ''the only girl that is happy no matter what''. Oh darling, yes i am. (Note my sarcasm). I have 1 best friend, Amelie, the only girl that shows not being stupid or immature for a 16 year old girl. 

''Erin!! Time for breakfast!!'' I hear my mom, Layla,  say with a hurried voice. ''Coming mom!!'' I hurry picking my backpack and going downstairs. I ate my breakfast fast, and opened the door quickly, then I opened the Jeep Sageland's door, and jumped in it.

Then my mom jumped in the car too. ''Are you ready for school?'' She said in a excitement voice.

''If that means to be with some bunch of stupid perverts and some spoiled brats, then, yes i am'' I said sarcasticlly smiling.

My mom just kept driving, just like she didnt hear that. Then we stopped at school. ''Have a great day sweetie!!!'' She said, driving away.

My first class is Biology with Ms. McHiller, but i got late. ''Miss Coldice!! You got late!! And by late I mean really late!! You have detention after classes!!!

Detention after school. Great way to start a Monday.

I sit in the last chair in the corner, so Ms. McHiller dont ask me anything, because, being honest, i just grab my phone and log to We Heart It.

My school works like this: I have a classroom for all day, so that means I dont have to be troubling with changing classroom every time.

The bell rings, meaning it is Break.

My building is of 2 levels so i got to go downstairs to go to the cafeteria. 

I go downstairs, but stupid me, fell off the stairs.

''Are you okay?'' A guy with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes says to me with a preoccupied voice.

''Yea.. thanks for helping me'' I say in a embarrassed voice.

''No problem''  He says with a smile and leaves with other 4 boys.

Jesus, he was hot. 

Put yourself together Erin!! He just helped you up.

I went to the cafeteria, and sat my best friend Amelie. Amelie was a tall, brunnette girl. She had some special green eyes, and a fringe hair.

''Hey Erin!! How are you?'' She said in a cheerful voice.

''Not as good as you think, i got detention today'' I said in a pissed voice.

''Oh well, thats bad, but, can you pass me Geography class homework?'' She said with a a smirk.

Typical Amelie. Who wants everyone to pass her the homework because she's too busy making her Tumblr page more popular.

''Just if you say me the exact value of one divided by zero'' I said with a evil smirk.

''Well, um... i dont know the exact value of infinity''

''So there's no homework-passing for you'' I said laughing evilly.



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