Imnsonia || n. h.

First Book of the sleep disease Trilogy. *One Direction is not famous in this story* Imnsonia n. in-som-ni-a Chronic inability to fall asleep or remain sleep for an adequate length of time. ''Sometimes i would like to shut the world from one day, and think about all my mistakes, but I clearly see that you wouldn't let me do it'' I say. He sighs, and sees me with his diamond blue eyes. ''But darling, you dont need to shut the world out, you need to open the doors to the world, and, stay with me''.


1. Prologue.




''Do you know what it is like, 

to lie in bed awake;

with thoughts to haunt

you every night,

of all your past mistakes.


Knowing sleep will set it right-

if you were not to wake.''



-Lang Leu



Paris Jackson as Erin Coldice

Felicity Jones as Amelie Gothly

Niall Horan as Himself



>Coming Soon to Movellas<

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