Finally Home (i hope)

A girl moves to


1. Moving Permanently

My name is Jessica Samantha Smith and im 15 and moving..... Again. My dads in the coast guard. Well was, he retired yesterday. We are moving into our permanent home. I miss my friends from Florida. But I finally get to stay in one place and I get to keep my friends in New York. Tomorrow is my first day at Cadwell High. My mom and dad are unpacking. So they are distracted, which means if I ask them something they will say yes. Yay I want to check out the neighborhood. I was riding my bike down the new neighborhood I was so excited. I decided to go downtown. I went to the new Italian ice restaurant. Well, I wouldn't call it a restaurant anyways it was really good. I went to go sit down at a table to eat and there was only one that wasn't full, but it wasn't empty. There was a super cute guy sitting there. What should I do? I went and sat across from him. I had the strangest feeling that every time I looked down he looked at me. Finally I got tired of the silence so I said" Hi."  He said " I am truly and completely in love with you." Then he walked away. I caught up with him.


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