Love Conquers All

Now that Kailey and Justin are married, life will change. Justin is still the biggest popstar on earth and still going on tour. How will being married effect their relationship?
Their marriage is one of the hottest topics in the world and everyone wants in on their new life. Once Justin leaves for tour, Kailey is left behind to go to school and continue her life, but will they be able to handle all the drama, rumors, paparazzi, and fans? Can love really conquer all?
*This is the sequel to Midnight in Manhattan! I hope you enjoy!*


1. The Beginning of a new life


A/N: I'M BACK!!! I'm SOOOOO sorry I've been gone for a year! I've had 4 surgeries this year and I'm in college and life has been so flipping crazy so this year. BUT this is the sequel to Midnight in Manhattan! I hope you all enjoy it! And I'm sorry if I don't update everyday, school is stressful and schoolwork is more important than writing a fanfic haha please give me feedback on what you think! Thanks! xx


Kailey's POV: 

"Even a month after the famous Bieber Wedding, pictures and articles are still the #1 most trending topic in the world. Mr. and Mrs. Bieber have been seen walking around downtown LA for the past 2 weeks. They must be back from their long honeymoon. Can you believe Justin is now married? So many fans are heartbroken now that their beloved singer is off the market for good. Leave us your-" 

I turned the tv off. Ugh this is what it's been like for the past month. Ever since Justin and I got married, the news and websites are nothing but about our wedding. It's driving us all crazy. We've been back from our honeymoon for 2 weeks but the news and paparazzi won't stop bugging us. I didn't know getting married would be this. 

Justin is feeling it too. He has his next tour coming up in a month and he's trying to prepare, but everytime he leaves the house, he's ambushed by cameras. I hope it all dies down soon.

"Why'd you turn the tv off?" Justin asked coming in to the living room. "The news was talking about us again." He nodded. "I can't take it anymore! When are they going to realize, yes, we're married, now get over it! It's done, over with!" I exclaimed. He put his arm around me. "I know babe. It'll stop soon." "How do you know?" "Because everything dies down eventually. They can't talk about our wedding forever." He chuckled. "True. Well, off that topic, what's the plan for today?" I asked. It was around noon. "Scooter needs me at the studio to go over the track list for the show in about an hour but that's the biggest thing." I nodded. 

"I should go though. You never know how long it's going to take to get there nowadays." He gave me a slight smile. "Very true. Well, bye. See you later." He leaned down and gave me a kiss. "Love you!" He said. "Love you too!" I heard the door close. 

I decided to call Alexia. I haven't seen her since the wedding and I'm sure she's dying to get the details about the honeymoon. She came over right away. 

"I'm so happy to see you!!" She squealed happily. 

"Me too! I'm sorry it's been so long, it's been crazy." I told her as we sat down on the couch. 

"I totally understand.'s married life?? How was the honeymoon?? I need details!" I laughed. 

"Honestly, married life doesn't seem much different from when we were dating. Except we have a marriage license and won't break up." I laughed. "You make the perfect couple! I can't believe you're married oh my gosh, it just seems so...I don't know...surreal." "Right? That's how I feel. Like, we're married but it doesn't seem like it really happened." 

She nodded. "So how are you and Nick?" I asked. She looked down at her hands. "We broke up." "What, why?" She shrugged. "He cheated on me. With his ex." "Oh my gosh Alexia, I'm so sorry. What a jerk." She nodded. "It's ok though. That was a month ago. It feels good to be single again."She smiled. I laughed. Typical Alexia. "Well, you wanna get some lunch? I'm starving." She nodded. We grabbed our things and headed to the garage. Justin has my windows tinted on my car so paparazzi couldn't see in. We drove to this cute cafe we both love. The owner knows me so she always gets us a seat in the back. 

We talked about Justin going back on tour and me going to school and all sorts of stuff. After we finished eating, paparazzi were everywhere. I groaned. Alexia pushed me behind her. "Get out of the way!" She yelled. "Move on people! C'mon, it's been a month! Yes they are married, get over it!" She yelled at them. We got to my car and I looked at her once we got inside. "This is why you're my best friend." I laughed. 

"Had to get the word out." She giggled. 

A/N: THANKS FOR READING!! Please like, comment, fan!! Let me know what you think! I'll update as soon as I can! I hope you all had a great but safe Halloween! I'm so glad I'm back writing :) love you guys xx

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