hi im leah when one direction came to my town i was so happy...but then everything went wrong the world came crashing down around me and they just watched while it burned.


2. why

I guess I had fallen asleep I woke up in a smelt like a guy? I looked around for Hannah she wasn't there I got up going downstairs to see five boys sitting playing something on an Xbox.

Um hello??? I called

good said Zayn you're up

where's my friend? I mumbled to him

she's fine.

Finally I was angry HOW COULD YOU TAKE US?!?!! WHAT DID WE EVER DO TO YOU?!?!?!

nothing said louis


We thought you were pretty and wanted you to date one of us.

Why dident you ask?

We were afraid youd'e reject us. 

take me to my friend now or else.

​or else what? said harry cheekily

do you really want know?

come on said louis

but he led me to a room it was empty

um...where is she

this is what happens when you're rude to us.

then he walked out once again leaving me alone in the dark

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