hi im leah when one direction came to my town i was so happy...but then everything went wrong the world came crashing down around me and they just watched while it burned.


4. Scared

it had been a couple days sense louis left me in the dark room the only light I saw was when they came up offering food or water.

I often heard screams but never Hannah's. One day Liam came in with food water a lamp and a book.

i questioned why he was being nice. He must've realized I was wondering because he said that i dident have to be scared.

I asked him how I couldent be scared always hearing the blood curdling screams of other girls. You hear that?

I think the Martians hear that what is it? We're in a gang we kill girls who see to much.

Better then kidnapping them I said scared for my life he looked at me with a thoughtful look my eyes started tearing up. 

Soft sobs filled the room.he pulled me into his chest I cried harder scared.

not so much of him or the other guys but did my family even miss me were police looking?

Little did I know I'd figure that out soon enough but I'm getting ahead of myself.

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