hi im leah when one direction came to my town i was so happy...but then everything went wrong the world came crashing down around me and they just watched while it burned.


1. kidnapped

i woke up to a bright blinding light. sunshine i said then my friend called me saying one direction was as some party at the pier. really? i asked yea she said happily. be right there i said. i put on a bikini and a dress over it with some flip flops pulling my hair into a tight pony tail. 

after the car ride

i quickly spotted one of my six best friends Hannah with a group of five angels. (heres the conversation)

H: hello love you must be leah right?

L:yea i am

Li:beautiful name for an even more beautiful girl

ohhh they all started 

are we in kindergarden again or something said Niall wit a hint of jealousy in his voice

so said louis Hannah told us you're a big fan?

yea... so she didn't say any embarrassing things right?

don't worry love i sighed in relief nothing to embarrassing he whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine and i got goosebumbs. after a while it got dark and cold the boys invited us to there hotel room. sure said Hannah quickly i glared at her

great said zany finally talking

we got in there car we drove to a house in the woods.

um this isn't a hotel i whispered

no dear its not

liam grabbed me zayn grabbed hannah

they carried us into the house and threw us in a pitch black room

goodnight princesses said niall closing the door i heard a lock than nothing

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