Fake Tales Series: The Secret Talisman

An eighteen years old girl prodigy moves to Maryland to start her academic carrier. For the first time of her life she is lost and scared. Then she meets an alluring and rebellious Luke, who threatens everything she has ever worked hard for. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any weirder, she accidently appears in the middle of the Baltimore drug scene. With the help of her new friends she tries to solve the mystery of the biggest pharmaceutical scandal in history.


1. Welcome to the Jungle


There were people outside of my building. They are back. Again. And they’ve come for me. Once again I heard a loud voice, which woke me out of a heavy sleep. At first I was confused, then the panic in me subsided. I forced myself to sit up, strands of my long hair sticking to my forehead.  I walked to my window and carefully looked out. The street was dark and quiet, but there was enough light to see the silhouettes of four men. I couldn’t make out any of their features, only their height. They were smoking cigarettes and silently talking under my window. 

He promised! I muted an ugly world, which I should better not repeat.  I still couldn’t believe my bad luck. I thought I was going to be so happy, I thought I was really going to fulfill my life and learn so much more. Unfortunately, at the moment almost everything went wrong.

What are they doing here? I thought we had an agreement. I thought I was safe. The question burned throught me as I silently tried to open my window to hear their conversation. The entire process took me more than 5 minutes, because I really didn’t want to make a mistake and draw attention with a noise. Just as I finally opened the window, one of the man looked up and I frozed for a moment felling terror kindle within me. I immediately regretted drawing attention to myself. They heard me. I sprinted to the other side of my room and lie on the floor behind the big old couch that I used as a shield.  One second after my heroic runaway I saw the flashlight lighten the room. The fear paralyzed me and the only thing I could do was to close my eyes and grimace.

“There’s nobody here. You’re being paranoid.” a quiet voice suddenly filled up the room. For a second I was surprised, because it sounded really familiar. Fear must really be playing with my mind.

“Better safe than sorry. Now give me the stupid package, before you screw up everything. I knew I shouldn’t have made an agreement with a nerd.” The other one answered stiffly.

Please don’t let them see me. Please don’t let them see me. Fear raced throught me and I felt dizzy. I touched the talisman, which I’ve always worn on a bracelet that was around my wrist. My dad gave it to me right before he died and I’ve never separated form it, because it gave me strength when I was scared. 

My unease grew, until their voices disappeared into the shadows and the blackness swallowed them all. I was so scared that I stayed behind the couch for another hour. In the meantime at least hundred thoughts dashed through my mind. Finally tears started sliding down my face. I was humiliated and crushed. I’ve always been fully qualified to fight all the battles and for the fist time in my life I was surrounded with things I have never experienced before – confusion and fear.

I left high school, because I wanted to do more with my life. Classes in my school were too easy for me and even when I skipped four years, being a senior when my friends were only freshmen, I was still way ahead in all of my AP classes. When I moved to Baltimore, because I was accepted to one of the best Medical schools in the world, I didn’t expect things to be that bad. The anger building up inside me was overwhelming. He promised to help me and he didn’t. He’s going to pay for that!

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