Adorable Guilty Ladies

Everyone hides something. Especially high school juniors Madison, Charlie, Linda and Rose.
They haven't been proper. They keep killer secrets.
How could I know? Oh, I know everything about who they are, the dirty lies they've told and their deadly secrets.
Guess what.
I'm going to tell.


5. Episode 5: We'll Build Our AltaR Here

The girls went to a spot around the park of the town. At that spot there was a wooden bench.

Rose was wearing a short black top with a zip in front and light blue jean shorts. A shawl with floral print of pink pastels and black. She was also wearing a black hat and a back pair of black ankle boots -the heel was brown. Her hair was still curly from yesterday but she curled them again anyway.

Linda was wearing ripped jean shorts and a white tank top with a saying. She was wearing orange converse and a little blue scarf around her neck. Her hair was needle-straight because she had straightened them.

Madison was wearing a skirt with a floral print of teal and other blue pastels with dark blue. A white t-shirt and white converse. She was wearing her Ray necklace inside, as always, but she was also wearing a black ribbon necklace. She had gotten a jean jacket with her in case it gets colder.

Charlie was wearing light pink shorts and a white t-shirt too. Brown sandals and sunglasses. She was holding a bag with light brown and white colours. Her brown hair was in a ponytail.

"Okay, so the town will put up a new bench and we'll plant the flowerbeds and there's gonna be a pathway of art tiles." Madison explained.

"Art tiles?" Charlie asked puzzled.

"Messages, pictures, memories of Ray." Linda explained.

"Aww, like little headstones."



"We should each do a tile." Linda said ignoring Rose's comment.

"You know, I was the one to take the necklace but I don't want the responsiblity anymore. Seriously, somebody take this." Rose said with the necklace on her hand.

"Look at us, a bunch of babies!" Madison dismissed and took the necklace.

Charlie sat on the old bench and searched her bag for her tablet. She turned it on.

"What are you doing?" Linda asked.

"I'm gonna block all messages from people that I don't know. Texts, emals, everything. Screw R. There." She said and a smile of achievement reached her face. "Who's next?" Charlie gave the tablet to Linda as she sat as well on the old bench.

"I spy with my little eye something that begins with E..." Madison said when Mr Ellington passed by the girls on a bike.

"Hey Mr. Ellington! Looking good!" Charlie shouted. Charlie and Madison laughed.

"Give me the damn thing." Rose said to Linda. Linda had a puzzled look on her face but stepped aside to give Rose the tablet.

"You know, there are teachers that you DON'T wanna see on a bike and there are teachers you do waaant to see on a bike." Charlie said.

"Ah, Mr Ellington..."

"I'm done. MADISON. Your turn." Rose said angrily. She looked upset all of the sudden.

Madison blocked the messages as well. "Listen, all those little messages zipping through the air all around us and none of them is from R."

"This is such a good thing." Linda said.

"Of course it is. Out of mind out of sight."

Just then, a poster of Ray -which could now be considered old- flew through the air and arrived at Rose's feet. Something was written on it with red marker.





 Madison was worried about tomorrow's opening at the gallery. This Kaylie would probably be there and she didn't want trouble at her family. She remembered how Ray had told her over and over to tell her mother about her dad's cheating but she never did. She didn't want her parents to break up.

"What's wrong? Is it about the poster?" Linda asked Madison at the hall with the lockers.

"No, it's everything..."

"I'm not going to make you tell me if you don't want to."

Madison smiled. "Oh, we'll be having the opening of the gallery tomorrow. Wanna come?"

"Um... yeah sure. Thanks for inviting me." Linda told her.

"No big." Then she saw Charlie passing by. "Charlie!"


"Wanna come at the opening at my mom's gallery tomorrow or are you too busy?"

"I think I'll make it. Thanks." And she continued walking.

"You'll invite Rose too, right?"


"How are things between you and Neal?" Sandra asked Rose at her locker while she was leaving the hat inside her locker.

"I don't know." Rose said troubled.

"Ooh, what's wrong?"

"I don't think he cares for me anymore--"

"Then, sweetie you have to plan to go out together. Figure out if things are still the same." Sandra advised her.

"Yeah, yeah you're right." She replied and Sandra left.

"Um, Rose?" Rose turned around to see Madison.

"What is it?"

"The opening of my mom's gallery is tomorrow, Linda and Charlie are coming, how about you?"

"Sure! Oh thanks." Rose said with a grin. Here's a place where she could go with Neal. 


Linda was the best out of all the girls in the team. When practice was over she saw Benjamin clapping. He had souted many times though it was uneccessary.

"Woo! Linda you sure are good at swimming."

"Thanks. I'll go change, wait here."

She went to the girls' locker room. She didn't dry her hair, just brushed it and turned it to a ponytail while it was still wet. She changed to her everyday clothes and walked out of the locker room. She got out and found Benjamin waiting where she told him to.

"You're so fast like a fish!"

"Don't you know I was raised by mermaids?" When she saw the puzzled look on his face she laughed out loud. "It was a joke." He just shook his head.

"It's my turn now, isn't it?"


"On Monday." 

"Yes." She confirmed.

They walked together to her house. His house is a few blocks after hers. "See you on Monday, Fish."


Neal was hanging out with his budies. They were laughing their ass off at something one of them said. Irwin. Then they left when Rose came.


"Rose? Hey baby."

"You have plans for Saturday?"

"Nope. Why?"

"I figured we could go out. Madison's mom has a gallery and the opening is tomorrow."

"You want us to go to a gallery?"

"You'd prefer cinema or dinner? The usual? Let's do something different for once."

"All right, all right."

Rose kissed him and happily walked home.


Madison had called Charlie to choose what to wear at the opening. They were at her bedroom. "Number 5. We like?" She had tried a short bustier black dress on which had a zip in front. It was as she said the fifth dress she tried on.

"We like but we don't wear it tomorrow." Charlie replied with a smile.

Madison sighed. "I need a  snack."

They went to the kitchen and Madison ate a muffin and sat at the couch with Charlie.

"Have you peeked?" Madison asked hesitating.

"We blocked whoever it was and that's it. United front, remember?"

"No, no, yeah I know. I just wandered if you peeked."

"No." Charlie answered with a bright smile.

"Yeah, me neither." Madison replied returning the smile.

"Okay, so you gotta tell me who your boyfriend is."

Madison chuckled before answering. "Scott."

"Scott Wavenbol?"

"That's him."

"He's cute." Charlie admitted with a smile. Madison laughed.

"What about you?"

"No, no, no." Charlie said laughing.

"Why? Come on. Miss Nerd must have a Mister Nerd."



"No." Charlie confirmed.

Madison felt bad for asking in the first place. So she turned the stereo on for music. "I'll just wear the first thing I see in the morning."

"Now let's get to dedications. To Madison from her dear friend R "Problem""

"What?!" Madison exclaimed and stood up from the sofa.

"Madison relax."

"Relax? What are we going to do about R? I mean he or she or it hasn't stopped. They are calling radio stations making dedications, what do we do, Charlie? What do we do now?"

"I don't know, Madison!"

"Well, it was YOUR idea to shut her out."

"And everybody went along with it."

Madison sighed. "United we stand. Great."

Madison looked elsewhere. A flowerpot was broken. It was put on the table in way to look like a tombstone. "Someone has been in the house."

"Ray's necklace!"

Madison rushed upstairs with Charlie after her. They went in her bedroom and searched the drawers. 

Rayanne's necklace was there.

And then Charlie did the mistake to turn around and look at the mirror. They both screamed.


Linda was walking on the street and saw Glenn's shadow at a window in his house. It seemed like he was looking outside, at Linda?

Linda got creeped out and decided to turn around and get home. Then her phone beeped and she got scared for a minute. Then remembered, she had blocked whoever R was.


The text was sent by Madison.


Rose was in her bedroom, trying clothes on, choosing what to wear at the gallery. Truth be told, she hadn't been at an opening of a gallery before. Though, she surely knew what kind of outfit she would go for.

She heard a sound from her phone and grabbed it from her bed to see what it was.


The short text was sent by Madison


When Rose and Linda got to Madison's house, Charlie and Madison led them to Madison's bedroom. There, on the mirror.






It was written with red lipstick to look like blood.


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