Adorable Guilty Ladies

Everyone hides something. Especially high school juniors Madison, Charlie, Linda and Rose.
They haven't been proper. They keep killer secrets.
How could I know? Oh, I know everything about who they are, the dirty lies they've told and their deadly secrets.
Guess what.
I'm going to tell.


4. Episode 4: Hunt For The Ladies

"It's not so weird remebring the way, Madison. We used to come here like every day." Rose said to Madison on the way.

They were going to a place they used to go with Ray. It was somewhere in the woods.

"I think this is totally the wrong place to do this whatever you call it, shrine." Charlie said.

"It's not a shrine. It's just a place to remember Ray. What's wrong with that?" Asked Linda.

"Doing this out here makes it look like we have something to hide."

"You worry what other people think?"

"Do you want that creepy detective to have more reasons for questionning us?"

"Rose you're supposed to have an opinion on this." Madison said.

Rose just kept walking in the woods. "You want my opinion?" She turned around. "I say we wait and not remember her until we make sure she's not gone."

"What?" They all said in unison.

"You know, you asked for my opinion." She turned to continue walking.

"We went to her funeral!" Charlie exclaimed.

"And we're getting texts from her." Rose stated.

"It's not Ray, someone is messing with us."

"How do you know? This R person knows stuff that only Ray knew." Rose said.

They stopped. "Have you gotten any new messages?" Charlie asked Linda.

"Have you?"

Something moved in between the trees. "What was that?" Madison asked.

"Some rabbit probably." Charlie tried making them calm.

Then the noise was like someone was walking on the fallen leaves on the ground. "That was not a rabbit. Someone's out there!"

"Let's turn around." Linda suggested, scared.

Then four cellphones rang. The girls looked at their cells and saw they got a message.

Heads up BFFs! It's open season on guilty ladies and I'm hunting...



Charlie dressed in black shorts and a grey tank top. She got a light black and white shirt in case the weather changes from warm to chilly and tied it on her waist. She also got a grey woolen cap and sunglasses. She wore a pair of black boots with black socks. She held a black bag for her schoolbooks.

She went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. She grabbed a muffin. "Good morning."

"Charlie, I haven't had the chance to ask you about school. How's that going?"

"Good, mom."

Which was true. Charlie was always the nerd, the one that studied extremely hard because her parents wanted her to. She got extra essays and extra classes so that she would get into the best college. It wasn't her choice, nothing was ever her choice.

So she just ate her muffin and left for school. Turns out it wasn't warm enough to wear only a tank top so she put her shirt on.

While she was walking to school she saw Sandra walking alongside with Rose. Rose wore a white puffy skirt with a big brown belt with some fringes and a jean shirt with sleeves to the elbow. She held a pastel green handbag and wore a pair of heels with blue and brown colours. Her dark hair was curly -she had obviously used a curling wand.

Charlie realzied she was staring, this was probably the point. That's how she became popular. She dressed up too stylish to be ignored.

"Earth to Charlie, hello." Madison called to Charlie.


Madison was wearing light blue jean shorts, which were ripped, a turquoise pastel t-shirt with a print of small black dog heads and a pair of black converse. She also wore black sunglasses as the only accessory apart from her Ray necklace. She had her blonde hair in a ponytail.

"You're looking at Rose, aren't you?"

"She's so different. The picture of her with baggy pants and blouses because she was fat won't leave my mind."

"My mother says she is a whole new person."

"She is." Charlie nodded.

"Come on, let's get to class. You don't wanna be late Miss Nerd."


 Linda was wearing very light blue shorts and a short red tank top. She had also taken a beige cardigan and wore a pair of beige converse. As for accessories she picked a gold bracelet and a gold chain. Again, she just brushed her hair.

Yesterday afternoon with Ben was very amusing.

Firstly they arrived at the cafe and drank some caffeine. She learned more about him and he learned more about her too.

Benjamin has a brother whose name is Chad. He is two years older than Ben and has a dog. Ben likes to play basketball and is for the matter of fact very good at it. His favorite colour is green. He is also very good at jokes because it seemed like half of the time Linda was laughing. And he didn't show any flaws.

You might think that something must have happened. But nothing happened. When Linda asked him how he was adjusting to school he said that most boys dislike him because he is better than them at basketball. And those that at least don't show they dislike him, they ignore him and have neutral feelings. She had answered that she was sure he will eventually make some friends. He had agreed and that was it. In the end, he had asked her if he could come see her at practice. She disagreed and then he offered she would see him play basketball. They made the deal. The day after tomorrow, when Linda has practice.

"How was the date?" Charlie asked at the hall with Madison next to her.

"You went on a date?" Madison questionned curious.

"For the last time, it wasn't a date!"

"Did he kiss you?" 

Linda sighed. "No! We just talked." Madison and Charlie were staring at her. "Look, a male and a female aren't always sexually attracted to each other, they can interact as friends you know." Madison and Charlie kept staring. Linda sighed "I like him but he doesn't like me."

"Did he ask for you to meet again?" Madison asked.


"Then he likes you."

"He doesn't like me. He wanted to meet me again because he doesn't know anyone else."

"Whatever you say."

Glenn and Jane Farmall passed by. "Glenn too? When did that happen?!" Linda asked.


Rose had a crush on Neal since she met Ray. He was handsome, popular and a nice guy. But he wouldn't be interested in a girl like Rose. But now he was. Rose was his girlfriend.

Rose wanted to ignore her stupid feelings for her English teacher. They would just go away. When you make something up and say it enough times in your head you'll actually believe it. Just so she could remember how attracted she felt towards Neal, she grabbed him and kissed him hard before the last class. They made out for a couple of minutes. Rose felt good, she felt happy. Whereas her feelings for the teacher made her feel nervousness and panic.

"Didn't know you missed me this much."

"You're saying that you didn't miss me?"

 "No, no that's not what I said."

"Fine." But she walked away.

"Where are you going?"

"To class."

The Great Gatsby was a good book but unfair and sad. Rose hated Daisy for her choice, Tom over Gatsby. Gatsby had been trying so hard to be an equal to her because of his lack of education. But she was rich and loved luxury and money. She let the blame on Gatsby for the murder and didn't go to his funeral, instead she left with Tom and told no one where she was going.

Rose stepped in the class and went to her seat. When Mr. Ellington was going to start the lesson, Sandra came in.

"I'm sorry Mr. Ellingtin."

The class burst into laughs. "It's alright Sandra." the teacher said awkwardly.

Sandra sat at the same seat. Behind of Rose and when Rose saw the puzzled look on her face she explained. "It's Ellington not Ellingtin."

"Same difference." Sandra laughed.

If Sandra said his name wrong again, Rose would have to kill her.


 Felicity Lodge owned a gallery. That's where Madison was going. There would be an opening in a few days.

Madison walked in and saw a familiar woman chatting with her mother.

It was her.

Madison and Ray were walking at the park. They had been eating ice-cream and talked about random things. They laughed and joked. Then they turned to a corner and there it was. Her father's car. And her father was kissing a woman who wasn't her mother. Madison stopped laughing abruptly. She was shocked. She just caught her father cheating on her mother.

And there she was. This woman that gets envolved in other men's marriages.

"This is my daughter, Madison. Madison this is Kaylie she works with your dad."

"Hi.' Kaylie said with a grin.

"Kaylie was wandering and she was looking for someone who shows alternative art."

"Your mother has been very helpful. Thank you so much, Felicity."

"Aw, your welcome. Hope you'll make it to the opening on Saturday."

"Of course I will."

"See you later."

"Sure, bye bye!"

But before 'Kaylie' left, Madison grabbed her arm. "You can't come to the opening."

"Why not?"

"You know why not and so do I. My mom doesn't."

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about." She lied with a fake smile.

"I know what your intentions are. But guess what, my dad isn't availible. Step aside and find another marriage to ruin."

However, she just chuckled and turned, her heels knocking on the floor as she left. 


Ray had told the girls to wait for her at the enterance of the house. But Charlie wanted to see what she was doing at the backyard of the house. So she went there. Ray was talking to Glenn Farmall and she said "I'll make sure everybody knows!" She said angrily at Glenn who was terrified and took a step back.

Then Ray turned and saw Charlie looking. "Didn't I tell you wait there and let me take care of this? What did you hear?" She asked upset. She grabbed Charlie and carried her to the place she told them to wait.

"Nothing! Nothing."

"What happened to Jane?" Asked Linda scared.

"It's done. Let's go."

"But..." Rose said.

"But what?"

"What if we said it was an accident?"

"No! We're not telling anybody anything! Damn it Rose. Don't make me sorry I included you in the first place. I have gone out of my way to bring your big butt into this group. You better keep your mouth shut unless you wanna go back to spending your weekends alone, dance, dance revolution and bags of chips."

"Ray stop it. Leave her alone." Madison said shocked by Ray's words.

"I'm sorry Rose. I didn't mean that. I'm just freaked out guys. This is bad. Really bad. Let's just go."

The police car had Glenn Farmall inside, Charlie knew because she saw him get in it when she left with the girls.

The next day, the girls went to the woods again for the place where they would remember Ray. "Ray wanted us elsewhere so she could talk with Glenn. She had something on him." Charlie said to the girls.

"Besides being a total perv who spies on us with his sister?" Rose questionned.

"Yeah. Something way bigger. And she was threatening to tell everybody. That's why he took the fall for us."

"Why were you waiting until now to tell us?" Linda asked.

"I thought if we never talked about that night again, it would just go away."

"Well, it's not going away unless we throw away our phones and join the navy." Rose said.

"There's four of us and one freak sending texts. If we just talk to each other like this, I think it makes it easier to deal with everything."

"I think Linda's right. There are way too many secrets. We shouldn't be doing this in the middle of nowhere we should be doing it where we could see it everyday." Madison suggested.

"Like somewhere in school?"

"No, in town. We should ask if we could put up a bench somewhere. And if the person that did this to her is still at Dalewood, we should make them look at it everyday too." Madison said.

Scratch. That sound again. The girls ran to see what it was but there was no one in sight when they found the spot the sound was coming from.

"Look." Linda told them.

"Is that yours?" Charlie asked Madison.

"It's Ray's."


Ray's necklace.


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