Adorable Guilty Ladies

Everyone hides something. Especially high school juniors Madison, Charlie, Linda and Rose.
They haven't been proper. They keep killer secrets.
How could I know? Oh, I know everything about who they are, the dirty lies they've told and their deadly secrets.
Guess what.
I'm going to tell.


3. Episode 3: The Jane Accident

The four girls went to Apple Dalegrille. "Why was Jane at Ray's funeral?" Linda asked.

"I guess she's back." Charlie supposed.

"Was it just me or did that cop act  like we were suspects in Ray's murder?" Rose questionned.

"Why would we look guilty since we haven't done anything wrong?" Madison asked.

"We did lie about the Jane accident."

"We promised we wouldn't talk about that ever again. Remember?" What Charlie said silenced every girl.

After a minute or so, Linda asked something else that was bugging her for some time. "How could this R person know something - about me that only Ray knew?" Linda asked.

Rose didn't have the exact answer but tried to reply. "Ray knew all of our secrets. But, you know, we never knew any of hers, did we." When the girls kept quiet she added, "How could we tell Ray everything and she told us nothing?"

"Ray made us believe and feel that we were a part of something- something special." Linda tried.

"Hmm, yeah. We were." Madison said softly.

"I miss her. And I'm going to miss her more as time passes by." Linda said.

"Wow, you still wear that." Rose said a bit surprised when she saw the necklace that Madison wore. It was a short chain with each letter of her name. It was a gift from Ray.

"That day, when she disappeared, I knew that ... something terrible must have happened, but... I just, I don't know, I just had a feeling that one day she would simply show up." Charlie admitted.

"That maybe she had ran off with a boy somewhere. Laying on the beach, with that sexy lifeguard." Rose said teasingly. " 'Save me!' "

The girls started laughing. They laughed until it wasn't that funny any longer. Then a screeching noise sounded. It was Jane's wheelchair.

The girls turned their heads immediately and saw Jane on the wheelchair leading herself to a table. They instantly stood up and went for the door, wishing she never saw them.

They went seperate ways. For the record, they weren't friends anymore.


Rose dressed in a short red velvet skirt with a light brown belt and black tights. She picked a short light beige woolen blouse that revealed a bit of her belly. She put on red high heels and painted her nails a lilac, just to add a different colour to the mix. She chose a light brown bag -in which she would put her school books and notebooks- and wore her dark hair in a ponytail. 

She walked down the staircase. The television was open so she accidentally heard something on the news. "Dalewood detective Taren Victor held a press interview this morning. 'The coroner released his results and even though Rayanne McGorden's body did show she suffered serious head trauma, the cause of her death was actually suffocation.' "

Before Rose knew it, her mother had closed the TV. "Are you okay going to school today?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm- I'll be fine."

Her mother nodded. "I don't want to think what the police says and you shouldn't either. Try and remember Ray as the pretty girl you were friends with."


Madison chose to wear a short dress with black and white stripes. She wore a light jean jacket without any sleeves and brown ankle boots with heels. She didn't paint her nails. She held a brown shoulder bag and put a long silver necklace of a cross. She didn't do anything with her blonde hair, just used a hairbrush.

She went down for breakfast and found her mother sitting on a chair in the dining area. "Good morning."

She sat down to a chair next to her and started her breakfast. "I can't believe that was Rose at the funeral." Her mother admitted.

"I know right? She's changed a lot."

"Changed a lot? She's a whole new person. I had to look twice to make sure it was Rose. I guess she doesn't shop at Curvy Girl anymore." And chuckled.

"Who shops at Curvy Girl?" Her father asked when he walked in the dining area.

"No one." Then her mother saw her father was hurrying to go to work. "Do you not have time for some breakfast?"

"No. I will probably come late tonight."

"Late nights already? We just got here." 

"Yeah, what's that about?" Madison asked firmly.

"What's it about? Gone for a year, catch up, meetings, changing my CV, demanding students." He answered smiling.

But Madison wasn't smiling. "I'm gonna be late. Bye." She grabbed her bag and left.


Linda was walking to school. Today she wore a pair of dark beige heels. A simple white dress with a white long open blouse ontop. A boho bag with fringes, a long necklace of a hand, a black bracelet and a grey one and a black ring. She didn't do anything with her hair either.

The wind blew in her face and made her hair dance. She was full of yesterday's funeral.

"Linda?" Called someone.

She looked up to see Benjamin. "Oh, hey!" She said and smiled.

"Are you okay? You look a bit ... off."

"Yeah, well, I suppose you heard about Ray's funeral. It's just- she was one of my best friends." She explained shortly.

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"It's fine." She tried just to let go of that subject. She and Ben were walking to school now.

"Uh... so I guess you don't want to hang out after schoooool?" He said hesitating. When she didn't answer right away he added "You're actually the only friend I have right now and I don't even know your last name so..."

She chuckled. "Grean."


"And I wish I could hang out with you after school but I have swimming practice." She said sadly.

"Um, that's okay... How about after that?" 

"I can do that."


"Okay, I'm all for boob jobs but when I see those I wanna moo like a cow." Sandra told Rose in the hall of the lockers. The both laughed. "I spy a Neal." She said to Rose.

Rose immediately turned and smiled. "See you at lunch." She said to Sandra and kissed Neal.

"Will the following students please come to the office. Linda Grean, Charlie Dunnings, Madison Lodge, Rose Hason."


"So you were all asleep and when you woke up Rayanne was missing."

"Yes, we woke up and couldn't find her, we called her on her cellphone and when she didn't answer we went to her house."

"Yeah, yeah," Said Detective Victor. "Why did you fall asleep in the first place?"

Do you ever ask a person why he sleeps? God. "It was a slumber party."

"I see."


"Guys, we should've told the police about the Jane Accident the night it happened." Linda said.

"I wanted to. Don't you remember?" Rose asked.

"We had the chance to do more than tell the truth. We had the chance to stop Ray." Charlie stated.

"And we didn't! Telling the police what happened to Jane now isn't gonna make her walk again."

"My God, she's back at school too." Said Rose looking elsewhere.

Jane Farmall was in her wheelchair at a corner about to start eating her lunch. Madison went next to her. "Hi Jane. Want to come and eat with us?"

"Sure." She said with a smile. Madison led Jane to their table. "Hey girls. I'm eating at Ray's place aren't I?"

"No. This wasn't our table anyway." Linda said.

"She came to visit me at the hospital you know. After the accident."

"She did?" Charlie asked surprised.

Jane nodded. "Everyone misunderstood her but I knew exactly what kind of person she was."

"When did you get back Jane? I heard you were in Phily at a school for the... physically impaired."

"You can say disabled, Charlie." Jane didn't answer Charlie's question and since it was quiet and no one was talking but the the other tabled Jane spoke again. "Wow, you used to be the fun table."

The Accident went somewhat like this.

Charlie, Ray, Rose, Madison and Linda were at a party. It was crowded and of course mostly everyone was drunk. "Girls, do you know Jane Farmall spies on us?" Said Ray with a disgusted face.


"Yeah. I say we make her pay." 

"Wait, are you sure she spies on us?" Rose asked.

"Yes! I'm telling you she's creeping me out! Now, you must do what I tell you so that she pays."

"What kind of price, Ray?" Charlie asked.

"Oh, Charlie you worry too much. It will be just enough so she won't mess with us again."

"Okay then..."

"So Madison and Linda throw this in her drink and make sure she drinks it." She said and gave them a small bottle of liquid.

"What's this?"

"Rose and Charlie you must take her away from the crowd. Like close to the staircase when you enter the house? No one's there."


"Just do it!"

Madison went to Jane. "Hey Madison. Great party, huh?"

"Yeah. What's that you're drinking?"

"Oh just some water. I don't drink."

Madison got a glass of water too. But it wasn't water. Before going back to Jane she put the bottle of vodka in the dnink. Then she returned to Jane. Linda pushed her glass to the corner of the table wihout Jane noticing and then she threw it to the floor and the water was spilled.

"Here, take mine." Madison offered.


After five minutes or so, she was laughing without reason and was unable to stand. Then Charlie and Rose took over.

"My God, Jane you are so wasted! Come here."

"What? I'm - I'm not -wa-wasted."

The girls took Jane to the place Ray told them to. There, Ray was standing waiting for them.

She pushed Jane and she fell down.

The girls covered their mouths in shock. "Ray what have you done?!"


"So you got a date." Said Charlie.

"NO, it's not a date. We're just hanging out. He's new in town and doesn't have any friends." Linda tried to explain.

"I'm sure he can make friends easily." 

Linda just shook her head. "Whatever."


Rose had the same feeling at class today. The 'hot' teacher which was actually hot, and whose last name was Ellington, upsetted her. A million times she repeated in her mind, He's your teacher. Your English teacher. But it didn't quite work. He was just so young and appealing.

R was right. Big trouble. This is bad. At the end of the class, he gave each student a copy of a book. They would read it and discuss it at class. Rose hurried to get out but she ended up being the last one to take a copy.

"Here," He said and gave her the last copy.

"Oh, I've read this book." She said smiling-not-at-him.

"Really? Then, there's a chance to refresh your memory."

"Yeah," She said and was going to turn to leave when he talked to her again.

"Not many students have told me they haωε read it before. Teenagers don't seem to like reading so much anymore."

She chuckled. "Yeah, um, yes I read. And I used to write too but I stopped."

"Oh," He said and seemed to be disappointed. "Why did you stop?"

She took two seconds to think about that. "I don't really know..." She said thoughtful.

"I suggest you continue writing, Rose." And he smiled.

She just smiled back and at last, she was not breathing the same air as him anymore.


Madison was sitting on her bed recalling her memory with Ray and the necklaces.

"I got you guys some gifts."

"What reason?" Charlie asked curious but still happy.

"Open it." Ray just replied. She was grinning and the girls were too. She had gotten them necklaces with their names in caligraphy.

"Thanks so much, Ray!" Rose had said.

"Linda can you tie my clasp?" Ray had asked.

"Sure." Linda had answered.

Once every girl had tied her clasp they looked at the mirror. "This way we will be friends forever."



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