Adorable Guilty Ladies

Everyone hides something. Especially high school juniors Madison, Charlie, Linda and Rose.
They haven't been proper. They keep killer secrets.
How could I know? Oh, I know everything about who they are, the dirty lies they've told and their deadly secrets.
Guess what.
I'm going to tell.


2. Episode 2: Black For Blonde

Ray's funeral. Reporters, journalists were all over the place. Such a big tragedy for such a small town.

"The discovery of her body rocked this community and today hundreds of citizens have gathered to say goodbye to Rayanne McGorden." Said to the camera one of the many reporters.

It wasn't a good day for high school juniors Madison, Linda, Rose and Charlie. Their friend is dead. After a year of being gone.

Linda didn't have the want to make herself look pretty. It wasn't about being pretty. The occasion required black. Lots of it. The four girls all wore black dresses.

Walking up the stairs of the church, Linda hugged Charlie and then Madison. They went inside and sat in the first line after the casket and a picture of Ray. Flowers were around the casket, white and red. 

Rose came in. She walked slowly but with a sass the sign of her confidence. Her expression meant pity and sadness. She walked until she stood in front of the casket. She imagined Ray lying there, with a ruined face and ugly body. It was so unfamiliar. Ray was always beautiful and appealing to most guys. It's a crime destroying that perfect face.

A hand touched hers, it was Madison. She looked at her with a sad smile which Rose returned. She moved and sat next to her.

"Poor Ray." Linda said looking like she was at the edge of crying again.

"Can you even realize what a scene this is?" Madison asked.

Rose chuckled. "Ray would have totally loved it. All these people- Popular in life and death."

Suddenly, everyone started whispering and the girls looked back to see what was happening. "Oh, my God." Charlie said.

Jane Farmall had come to Rayanne McGorden's funeral. She had someone lead her to a seat because of her being on a wheelchair.

"Did you see Jane Farmall? I didn't know her and Ray were friends." Mrs McGorden admitted to the girls and sat next to them.

"Um, they weren't." Madison said firmly.

Enduring that funeral was hard. Not that any funeral is easy to attend. But especially this one.

The girls got out of the church, hand by hand and breathed the oxygen in. But not for long.

A man came towards the four-used to be five- friends. "Madison, Rose, Charlie and Linda."

"Do we- do we know you?" Asked Linda.

"I'm detective Victor. I am aware that you were all very close friends with the victim. I need to talk to each and every one of you."

"We talked to the police when Ray went missing." Rose said.

"Yes, and I tend to go over your statements as this is no longer a missing person investigation but a murder."

The girls felt heavy.

"Oh, don't worry I will find out what happened that summer. That's for sure." He said and walked away.

The girls were kind of speechless. "Do you think he knows about --" Linda tried to ask.

"No! How could he?" Rose replied.

Then four beeping noises sounded at the same time. The girls looked at their phones. They all got the same message.

Did you think I left?

I'm still here bitches. 


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