Adorable Guilty Ladies

Everyone hides something. Especially high school juniors Madison, Charlie, Linda and Rose.
They haven't been proper. They keep killer secrets.
How could I know? Oh, I know everything about who they are, the dirty lies they've told and their deadly secrets.
Guess what.
I'm going to tell.


1. Pilot


September 1st 2012

Just a fun, quiet Sunday night with the best friends. Rose, Madison, Charlie and Linda were inside Charlie's barn. With drinks, pillows and some blankets. They were laughing at something Linda said. It was so funny that every girl held her stomach.

There was a noise. The girls stopped laughing abruptly. They all looked at the door. Then a familiar face with blonde curls entered. "Oh, my God, Ray. You creeped me out." Said Rose.

"Well, sorry not sorry." She said with a smile of mischief. She sat down on a couch.

"Do you like Shakira's new song?" Asked Linda.

"Haven't listened to it yet." She replied. "We're drinking tonight?"

The girls chuckled. "Yup." Linda answered.

"But we shouldn't drink too much. I heard when you're drunk you reveal all your secrets." Said Madison but while all the other girls laughed, Ray remained silent.

"Secrets are what keep us close." She said with a smile. It lightened her beautiful characteristics. The girls nodded.

The night went on with teenage conversations. With pure laughs and nice talks. Ordinary sleepovers.

"Where's Ray?" Asked Madison the next morning.

The girls had barely woken up, they stayed up a little late with Ray. They looked around and there was no sign of their friend.

Still sleepy, "Wait, didn't she sleep here with the rest of us?" asked Charlie.

"Yeah," Rose responded rubbing her eyes. She got up and looked outside the barn. "She's not here." She concluded.

Linda took out her cellphone and called Ray. "She's not picking it up." She said.

"Come on, she must be at her place, her cell dropped somewhere or something." Madison suggested.

Then they all gathered their things and headed to the McGorden's house. Ray's house. Madison knocked on the door. "Hello, Mrs McGorden, is Ray here?"

Mrs McGorden looked serious. "She wasn't with you?" She looked at each of the girls. The girls just shook their heads as a no. Mrs McGorden looked devastated.

Her daughter is gone.



Rose helped with the boxes. Well, technically they were her boxes so she should be moving them to her bedroom. 

She changed into a purple dress with hot pink details ( and a pair of light brown boots. She looked herself in the mirror, blue-green eyes, dark hair, pale skin and thin body.

She won't forget the day Sandra turned her into a beauty queen. Ray just kept telling her to stop eating, that she was fat. That she wouldn't find a boyfriend. Maybe she was just trying to help her. It didn't work.

Sandra, on the other hand, actually made her thin, she changed her wardrobe and since that day, Rose became fashionable.

Of course, none of the folks in Dalewood High have noticed because Sandra reached to Rose beginnings of September, no one had seen her yet. But now that she's back from Denmark and everyone at school can see the queen she's become. Some would say she was like Ray.

Rose shook her head to stop day-dreaming and started putting on makeup and selecting accessories.

"Rose, you okay?"

"Yeah, mom. It's just weird to be back." She said smiling. She put on pink lipstick.

"We were gone a year." She said smiling.

"I still think about her." Rose said with a sad smile. She meant Ray.

"Why don't you call your friends? They don't know we're back home." Rose put on black mascara.

"Maybe I will."


"First day as a junior." Madison's mom said to nobody in particular.

"Yes, mom. How many times are you going to say it?" Madison told her. She dressed up in a light pink dress with stripes. A pink belt above the bellybutton and earrings.

Her mother just shook her head. "You know what day it is right?" Madison's face got serious.

"First day as a high school junior?"

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah." Madison looked down. "On the news they are calling it the Anniversary of Ray's Disappearence. As if it's a party."

"You know you can tell me anything."

"Have to go to school."


"Madison?" Asked Linda.

"Linda!" They hugged.

"You should've called. Strange running into to you."

"We lost touch." A short pause followed but Madison didn't want it to last long so she talked again.

"I saw a poster of Ray."

"It's awful, isn't it? We all know she's dead, right?"

Madison had a loss for words. Yes. She wanted to say but just couldn't. "I simply haven't heard anyone actually speaking the word."

After a few moments they were in class. "I heard the new teacher is hot." She and Madison chuckled. They took their seats and then Rose came in. With Sandra.

Sandra looked as always, an equal fashionista as Ray. Those two hated each other. It was like they competed for the popularity or who was better dressed. Ray treated everyone like shit and her behavior towards Sandra sealed Sandra's hate towards Ray.

Rose blinked when she saw Madison and Linda. She smiled to them and waved. Then she took a seat and Sandra sat behind her. Then Charlie walked in the class. Rose waved to her too. So did Charlie and sat down on one of the seats in front.

"They are friendly just not friends." Madison said, realizing how things actually were.

The new teacher came in and wrote with chalk his name on the board. Mr Elington it said. When he turned around, Rose felt funny.

He was absolutely gorgeous. Light skin, blue eyes and dark brown hair. He was really hot. Rose swallowed.

Then a strange thing happened. When Rose got out of the class, she got a text.

Take it as a friendly advice Rose. Student + Teacher = BIG TROUBLE.


.Rose looked around. Who could have sent her this? Ray?


Linda met a boy after swimming practice. Actually, on the street. "Excuse me, could you tell me where the Flavor Cafe is?"

He had black hair, tan skin and brown eyes. "Um, it's basically on this road. Continue straight ahead." She smiled.

"Thanks." He replied too, smiling. She nodded. "I'm Benjamin." She smiled even brighter. They shook hands.

"I'm Linda."

"Nice to meet you, Linda."

"You too, Ben. I mean Benjamin. Would you mind if I called you Ben?" She said quickly, proof of her nervousness.

"Not at all."


"It's a small town. So, see you around." He said still smiling.

"See you." She told him and walked past him to get home. The whole way to her house, she was smiling. He was so cute.

There was a surprise waiting for her on her doorstep. A letter. She picked it up curiously and read it.

Lin, why are you fooling around with a guy when you like playing with girls?!


Linda, upset, turned the letter into a small garbage and tossed it in the can. Why is Ray doing this? And it has to be Ray, no one else knew about...


Charlie was in her room. "I can't believe it." When Charlie was angry, she let out what was making her mad and spoke to herself. "They promised ME to move in to the barn -WHICH I by the way, decorated- and then, Nancy asks to live there until she finds a place, they say SURE. CHARLIE WOULDN'T MIND." Charlie screamed out of anger. "I WOULD mind. I DO mind." A tear made its way to Charlie's cheek. 

Then a beeping noise was heard, meaning she got an email.

From: Unknown

To: Charlie

Poor Charlie, her sister Nancy was always the one that mama and papa loved best.

But you're not still a baby, are you?


Charlie remembered a memory with Ray.

She had been to Ray's room and they were talking. "Nancy always gets the credit, the love, the gifts. I am sick of it." She had said to Ray.

"Ooh, seems like someone hates his own blood." Said Ray teasingly. Charlie hadn't laughed. "You're not the only one in the world, Char. Things like that happen. You either deal with it or..."

"Or?" Charlie had asked when Ray didn't continue.

"Never mind. Forget I ever said that 'or' word." She answered with a smile.

"Or what Ray?"

"Don't be stubborn, you're not still a baby, are you?"

And that was the end of that conversation. Charlie got scared, turned the computer off and went to sleep. Is Ray back?


Madison was in her pjs. Usually, she made some adjustements to her diet. Not serious stuff or something. So she went in the kitchen and opened a bag of small chocolate. The truth is she kind of missed sweets. 

After eating four small chocolates, she went back in her room and checked her phone. She had one new message.

Be careful with these changes on your diet Madison! You don't want to become the fat one.


Madison, freaked out, got in her bed to sleep but her eyes wouldn't close. In fact, they were wide open.



The next day

There was an amublance. Linda ran to the destination and it was Ray's house. Charlie and Rose were already in a corner. Linda joined them, crying. Charlie was too.

"I thought she returned."

"We all did." Charlie said.

Ambulance's sirens were heard and police was all around. Ray's dead body wasn't seen to the public. Of course it wasn't. Her clothes were the only thing that helped identify that it was Ray.

"Guys, we'll never tell, alright?" Madison said.

"We gave a promise. We are keeping it." Rose stated.



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