Short Story for School,
Write a story about a character taking a risk.
The risk in this story is when Celest helps get Audery out of jail


1. Origins

“People Die... Beauty Fades... Love Changes... And You Will Always Be Alone” 


"Casanova, Nebula, Nova, the plan is to beg for some scraps then give it to me then run to the forest. I'll meet up with you." Audery told her wolves as she walked over to the jewelry stand. The wolves responded by letting a quiet howl out. When Audery got to the jewelry stand a purple scarf caught her eye on the fabric stand. As she walked over to the stand she saw her wolves run into the woods, she grabbed the scarf and ran into the forest. She could hear the fabric stand worker yell at her, no matter how far she went she could still hear him screaming. She could hear her wolves howl but the howls were muffled... Like someone had grabbed the wolves snout to make them shut up. Audery ran as fast as she could to where she heard the howl, she saw paw prints leading leading to the border of the kingdom.

"Who are you?" A girls voice cried out followed by muffled howls of wolves,

"Audery." Audery responded,

"Why are you here?" The same girls voice shouted,

"To find my wolves." Audery shouted louder,

"Stay there I'll come to you, also the name is Snow." Snow shouted back.

Snow ran with the wolves following her, Snow's ebony hair followed as she ran getting her boots even dirtier. Snow came to halt when she saw Audery. Audrey played around with her red cloak as she waited for snow to come to her. The wolves ran to Audery as Snow stay in the same place as if she was frozen in fear.

"Audery?" Snow mumbled,

"Have we met before?" Audery responded,

"No but I've seen you before, you're the thief from Erris!" Snow shouted,

"How dare you call me a thief, runaway!" Audery said as she grabbed a knife from her belt.

"It's true I'm, a runaway. But it's also true your a thief!" Snow shouted as she ran away from Audery,

"You can't run away from all your problems Princess." Audery shouted to her, it made Snow stop in her steps.

"Your taking a risk, with calling me princess." Snow shouted to Audery as she casted a spell.

Audery ran as fast as she could but she got caught in Snows spell, and everything went black.


"Where am I!" Audery shouted, it echoed on all sides of the cell.

"You're in jail. Where thieves go." Audery heard outside her cell, the voice sounded like Snow's, but also like Celest's voice.

"Snow?" Audery responded to the voice,

"It's Celest... Your sister, I'm here to help you escape." Celest told Audery as she unlocked the cell door and opened it,

"How'd you get out of the house?" Audery asked as Celest pulled her brown hair up.

"Grandma fell asleep, it most likely will be a day before she wakes up." Celest responded as she took Audery's hand,

"Still it isn't right to leave the house without asking grandma." Audery told Celest as Celest opened a door at the end of the hall.

"Well, I heard you got thrown in Jail by Ariel, Queen Snow's daughter. Only the royal family knows you're here so you're safe to come home without anybody from town knowing." Celest told Audery.

"This isn't right." Audery whispered to Celest as she struggled from Celest's grip.

"Come on, we are escaping." Celest told Audery as Audery struggled to get out of Audery's grip.

Audery looked like a ghost with her pale skin, Celest knew she could lose her title as a maiden. But Ohana means family and nobody gets left behind. Celest who looked like a mirror image of Audery was holding on to her with all her might, until she loosened the grip.

"Audery, I know this isn't right but just... Take my hand if you want to escape." Celest told Audery as she walked to the the door.

"Ohana means family and nobody gets left behind." Audery told Celest as she hugged her for what seemed like forever.

"Come on we have to leave if we want to take this risk." Celest said as she took Audrey's hand as they walked away.


"Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open."

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