Katniss + Peeta

Katniss and Peeta and best friends who get reaped and come home together. Everlark


2. ouch


                Haymitch leaves after that and I stand there shocked.

                “Katniss, it’ll be okay.” Peeta says encasing me in a hug.

                “I know.”

                “I love you.” He whispers in my ear.

                “I love you too.” I whisper back.

                “What did he mean they aren’t happy?”

                “They thought the berries weren’t an act of true love.”

                “Were they?”

                “Yes. It was an act of true love.”


                Knock. Knock. Someone knocks on the door, and then barges in. Peacekeepers. “Katniss Everdeen.”


                “Where is Gale Hawthorne?”

                “I don’t know.”

                “He is your cousin isn’t he?” This is what Haymitch told them.

                “Yes, but that doesn’t mean I know where he is.” The peacekeeper pulls out a whip and hits me across the face.

                “Now, do you want to tell me the truth?”

                “I don’t know where he is.” He punches me causing me to fall. Peeta tries to help, but another peacekeeper holds him back. I try to get up, but I get kicked. “He’s probably with his family.”

                “Now was that hard?”

                “Was it too hard for you to start there?” I ask getting one final kick to the ribs before all of the peacekeepers leave.

                “Katniss…” Peeta says rushing to my side.

                “I’m fine.” I say trying to get up. Peeta puts his hand on my cheek blood spilling onto it.

                “We should get her to her mother.” Rye says.

                “I’m fine.”

                “No you’re not.” Peeta says picking me up.

                “I am.” I say curling up to him.

                  "Seam slut got what she deserves." Peeta's mom says.

                      "Mom!" Peeta screams.

                 "Truth hurts." She says as we leave.  


                “What happened to her?” My mom asks when we get there.

                “The peacekeepers attacked me for answering their question.”

                “What’d they ask and what’d you say?”

                “They asked where Gale was and I said I didn’t know.”

                Peeta set me on the table and my mom had everyone, but Prim leave.

 Peeta’s POV

                Mrs. Everdeen has everyone go into the other room. Katniss starts screaming and I try to go in, but Rye and Wheat stop me.

                “What happened?” Haymitch asks bursting in.

                “Still can’t knock?”

                “Why is sweetheart screaming?”

                “Because-“ I’m cut off by Mrs. Everdeen and Katniss walking out.

                “A few bruised ribs and a cut, but it’ll heal.”

                “I told you I was fine.” Katniss says walking to me and hugging me.

                “Just be careful you two.”

                “Aren’t we always?” Katniss asks.

                “No.” Everyone says making Katniss and I smile.

Katniss’s POV

                I have a bandage wrapped around my midsection and one on my cheek.

                “First day back, sweetheart, and you couldn’t stay out of trouble?”

                “Sorry. Trouble is…”

                “Fun.” Peeta finished for me.

                “That explains a lot, sweetheart. Do me a favor and be careful, Effie would have my head if something happened to you two.” Haymitch sighs. “Even after you stabbed her mahogany table on the train.”

                “You deserved it.” I replied.

                “Don’t get defensive sweetheart, I probably did.”

                 "You did, old man." Peeta says.


Peeta’s family leaves not long after. Peeta, Haymitch, and I leave after saying good bye.

When we get home we get ready for bed. “Are you showering tonight?” Peeta asks me.

“Yes. Are you?”



                After I got out of the shower, I put one of Peeta’s shirts on. Peeta comes back in boxer shorts. "Nice shirt."

                "I thought you would like it." I replied.


That night I wake up screaming. Peeta rubs my back and tells me "it'll be okay, it was only a dream." I look at the clock and see that it's only 5:30

"Do you want to get up for the day?"

"Why not." Peeta says. He gets up, puts his prosthetic on, and pulls me out of bed. We go downstairs and he makes cheese buns.

Later, Peeta's family, my family, and Haymitch come over for dinner.

"Peeta when are you coming back to work at the bakery?"

"What if they both work there?" Haymitch asks.

"Why not. That's extra help." Peeta's dad says.



5 weeks later  I'm in a Christmas-some holiday the merchants celebrate-dress. Peeta and I our at the counter. The bakery closes in 10 minutes. Nobody was in there, and then President Snow walked in. Peeta stands behind me with his arms around me.

"When I heard the rumor I had to see it for myself." President Snow started walking up to the counter. "You love each other don't you."

"Yes." We said in unison.

"Good. Convince the Districts. Convince them that you don't want to start a rebellion. Most of all, convince me." He said and he walked out. By now the rest of Peeta's family has come out by now.

"Time to close." Wheat says as my sister runs through the door.

"Katniss! Come quick. It's-just come."

"Okay. Okay." I say. "We were about to head home anyway." Peeta and I get our coats on. "Prim what is it? Your so happy you look like you just had your first kiss..." I trailed off.

"Primrose!" Peeta says.

"No. No. I wish, but no. Just come on." She sighs. "Oh and Haymitch says you guys have to meet Effie and your sylists with him tonight. Oh and Mellarks you have to get fitted for outfits tomorrow." Rye and Wheat laugh at Prim calling them Mellarks.

"Okay Everdeen." Rye replies.


The Hawthorne's walked with us. Prim won't tell anyone anything. When we get there I don't expect what I see. "Dad?"


"But-" I stop. I walk up and hug my dad, soon I'm back by Peeta's side.

"Katniss, Effie's train is going to be here soon." Peeta says not long after.

"Your right. We'll be back so-" I'm cut of by knocking.

Prim goes to answer the door and when she gets back she brings Effie, Portia, Cinna, and the prep teams.

"Katniss! Peeta! It's so good to see you!" Effie says in her high-pitch capital accent. "Where's Haymitch."

"I'm right here." Haymitch says, his usual drunk self.


After dinner we sat by the TV. Gale's dad was found also. "My victors. Getting married. This is more than I ever dreamed." Effie rambled.

"Married?" My dad asks.

"Whose getting married?" Gale's dad asks.

"Us." Peeta and I say at the same time.


{Time skip}

Yesterday Peeta and I got married in the capital. Today we are heading to Disrtict 4, where we will spend a month, together, on the beach. No cameras.


We've been here for 2 weeks, tonight they announce the 'qualifications' for the quell.

When we get back into the house the announcement is about to start.

I zone out until President Snow says "the tributes who will be reaped, will be friends and family of the victors." And then he's gone.

I surprise Peeta by attacking him. I get him flat on the floor and I say "we don't have to worry about that until we get home." He nods and you can guess what happens next.


The next 2 weeks fly by.  When we get home I am greeted by family and sickness. My mom does some tests and I don't believe what she tells me.


"I'm pregnant." I mumble at dinner one night. Haymitch, my family, Peeta's family, and the Hawthorne's are here. Everyone looks up at me.

"Congratulations, sweetheart. And while I remember. Your guys' family's will be coming to the capital, along with the Tributes family's." He gives me an apologetic look, so quick that I almost miss it, almost.


The weeks go by and before I know it my birthday is here and gone, Peeta's too, and the reaping is here all to soon.

Effie is saying "ladies first" all to soon.

"Madge Undersee." This can't worse. "Gale Hawthorne" I spoke to soon. My only friends that haven't been in the games just got reaped.

I am almost 4 months pregnant and you can tell. I can feel everyone's eyes on my. Effie is looking at me like I'm supposed to speak-oh. "Thank you for your tributes." I say and it's over.

We walk into the justice building and direct the tributes to a room to have an hour with friends. Haymitch, Peeta, and I walk to the train and wait for everyone.

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