Katniss + Peeta

Katniss and Peeta and best friends who get reaped and come home together. Everlark


4. idk

Katniss's POV

The rules have changed, just as I was learning them, the rules changed. There will be another Quall next year. This year will be normal, but next year will not.

Everyone is sitting at the, rather large, dinning table when some peacekeepers come in. "Peeta Mellark."

"Yes?" Peeta responds looking at them.

"You, and you alone, are wanted in the capital. A Hovercraft will come for you tomorrow evening."

"Thank you." Peeta says and they leave.

I was going to say something, but Willow started crying from upstairs. "I'll go get her."

I go upstairs and cradle Willow in my arms until she falls back asleep. I feel Peeta's arms wrap around my waist and I lean my head back. I set Willow down and we head downstairs.

The phone rings and Haymitch goes to the office to answer it. I follow him. "We need to hurry the plan up. It has to happen tonight." What has to happen tonight? "Thank you. I will make sure everyone is ready." Haymitch catches me before I can escape. "Pack everything you can. Quickly." Haymitch grabs my arm and takes me to the others. "Pack, everything you can, grab your loved ones and meet here in 3 hours."


3 hours later everyone is here. And so is a Hovercraft. I hold tightly to Willow as if they will take her from me. We all get settled and we are off, but where to?

Our Hovercraft goes invisible right as other Hovercrafts show up. Bombs fall upon District 12. There will be no more District 12.

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