Katniss + Peeta

Katniss and Peeta and best friends who get reaped and come home together. Everlark


3. hap-pey

Katniss's POV

We are heading home. The games are over. And the victor's are Gale and Madge. The new star crossed lovers.

"Congratulations. Everyone." President Snow said. How'd he get on the train?

"Thank you, Mr. President." Madge said.


Madge's POV

Three months after I became a victor with my boyfriend, Gale, we are at Katniss and Peeta's house. Everyone's family is here. Katniss stops mid sentences and cry's out in pain.

"Katniss?" Peeta asks concerned.

"I think I'm going into labor." She says before she cries out in pain again.

*hours later*

Katniss screams got joined by another persons screams, correction a little baby girl.

A few minutes later Peeta comes down with Katniss, and the baby and said "meet Willow Mellark."

She's so adorable. She has Katniss's dark hair and Peeta's blue eyes.


Katniss's POV

Willow was born a month ago. I'm finally looking like myself again.

Everyone is at the table for dinner when peacekeepers barge in. "Katniss Mellark." I kiss Willows forehead and hand her to Peeta and kiss his forehead.

"Everyone else follow." They say grabbing my arms. They lead us outside and start beating me. It goes on for like 7 minutes before Peeta gets out of Haymitch's grasp and gets punched in the face to block me getting hit.

Peeta's POV

I break out of Haymitch's grasp and block Katniss from getting punched again. He goes to punch me again, but Haymitch stops him.

"Isn't that enough? She looks like she's going to pass out." Haymitch says, but the Peacekeeper doesn't respond before I scream "Katniss!"

Katniss starts to fall, but I catch her. "Katniss stay with me. Katniss!" I saw as she starts to pass out, or...or- No! I can't think like that.

"Peeta, I love you." She says putting her hand on my cheek trying to brush away my tears, but there are to many, but she doesn't give up.

"Katniss, I love you too." I say and she passes out. "NO! Katniss, Please! Please!" I'm crying really hard now.

Prim comes over and says "everybody stay out here. Haymitch grab Katniss." Prim says handing me Willow.


It's been hours since Katniss passed out. I'm starting to worry when the door opens and Prim walks out. She comes to me and asks "can I hold Willow?"

"Yes." I say and hand her Willow.

The door opens again and Haymitch comes out helping Katniss. She spots me and runs to me when she gets off the stairs. Before I know it I have her in my arms again. She wraps her legs around my waist as I spin her around. When I stop we get lost in each others eyes before we kiss.


Sorry it's short. I just wanted to get this update to you guys before the end of the year. :) Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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