Katniss + Peeta

Katniss and Peeta and best friends who get reaped and come home together. Everlark


1. BFF

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I just won the 74th annual Hunger Games with my best friend, Peeta Mellark. I didn’t know he had feelings for me. I didn’t know I had feelings for him.

                “What do we do when we get home?” He asks me on the way back to 12.

                “Forget what we did. The killing part. Not us. I don’t want to forget us.” I say putting my hand on his face to caress his cheek and kiss him.

                “Good. I don’t want to either.” He says pulling me down for another kiss.

                “Alright you two. The cameras are gone. You can stop.” Haymitch says coming in.

                “Who says we were acting.” I shoot back at him, my forehead resting on Peeta’s forehead.

                “Well, you certainly surprised me, sweetheart.”


                We’re standing on stage in front of District 12 for the ceremony. Peeta’s talking, when all of the sudden Peeta gets down on one knee and says “Katniss Everdeen, we have been best friends since we were 5 and I have loved you since I laid eyes on you. Will you marry me?”

                “Yes.” I squeak. He puts the silver ring on my finger. It’s fancy, but not too fancy. It has a half green half orange jewel on it. I bend down to him and kiss him.


                That night when we move in to our houses, I don’t see Peeta’s family. At dinner that night Peeta and Haymitch come over.

                “Sweetheart, you better be careful.”

                “Why does she have to be careful?” Prim asks.

                “The president didn’t like the berry incident.” I say. Under the table I grab Peeta’s hand. He sits to my left, Haymitch is on my right, and Prim in my mother are opposite of us.

                Someone knocks on the door and Prim gets it. She walks in with Gale. “Hello, Catnip.”


                “So, it wasn’t an act.”

                “No it wasn’t.” I respond.

                “Well, congratulations.”


                “I better get going. I’ll see you on Sunday?”

                “Sunday.” I confirm and he leaves.

                “I have an idea.” Haymitch says.


                “Keeping everyone safe.”


                “You two move in together, and when the media catches sight of it and it makes it back to Snow he might just believe it.”

                “Okay.” Peeta and I agree.

                “Well, let’s get your stuff.”


                Tonight is our first night together, in the same house.

                “Which room do you want?” Peeta asks me.

                “Um…can we share a room? The nightmares aren’t as bad when your there.”

                “I was hoping you would say that.” Peeta says. I pull him close to me and start kissing him. He pushes me up against the wall.

                Just as the kiss gets heated someone knocks on the door. Peeta and I walk to the door. It’s his family.

                “Hey guys.” Peeta says motioning them in.

                “Congratulations. I always knew you guys would get together.” Peeta’s brother, Rye says.

                “Thanks guys.”

                Haymitch bursts into the room. “I just got a call from the new Head Games Maker. The President isn’t happy with you, sweetheart.”

                “I thought we already knew that.” I say.

                “It’s worse. This may not be fixed until you’re pregnant.”

                “No.” Peeta and I say in unison.

                “Don’t worry you have a couple of years. After all, your only 16.”

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