5SOS Imagines


3. Imagine #3

Your so dirty:


This imagine will be a little dirty so if you don't like it than you probably shouldn't read it! Love you guys! :)

Your so dirty:

Your at Michaels party and you see Calum sitting by himself.

"Calum get up!" You say pulling his arm.


"You wanna get a little dirty?!" You say.

"Y/N your always so dirty." He smirks. He stands up and follows you to an empty room.

You get undressed as calum sees your only in your bra and underwear.

"Uh..." He says pointing at your clothes.

You roll your eyes and lay in the bed.

He jumps next to you and grabs one finger and slides it up your body.

"I like to get sexual with you babe." He says as he kisses your boob that is slightly showing.

He stands up and gets undressed.

Nothing is on him not even his underwear. You stare at it.


He lays back down as you strip your other clothes off.

"Don't be to loud remember."

"We've been over this Calum..."

He slowly sticks in and back out as you squeal.

"God damn it Y/N.. Don't do that!"

"Do what?"

"That hurt my ears!"

He stands up and gets dressed.

"What calum?! I'm sorry!"

He leaves the door.


Sorry I know that was too dirty and stuff. I'll post better stuff if possible! Love ya and remember I want to see your wonderful imagines also to get ideas!

QOTD: Who is your favorite 5SOS member and why?

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