5SOS Imagines


2. Imagine #2

Don't die.

"Ashton..." Your voice trails off as you see Ashton laying In the hospital bed in a deep sleep.

"Y/N I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room." The doctor says as your eyes grow large.

"I'm not leaving." You say.

"Fine." The doctor says as at least 12 nurses come in.

They start grabbing tools that look large and dangerous and cut Ashton's arm open, they then cut Ashton's leg open.

"What-wh.." The doctor cuts you off by grabbing a saw.


The doctor comes over and gives you a shot.

You fall to sleep.

When you wake up Ashton is still asleep.

"Ashton? Ashton answer me." You say as he starts mumbling. "ASHTON talk."

"Y/N, I'm dying." He says.

"No your not. Your not dying!" You say and kiss his cheek.

All you here is a long loud beep of the heartbeat monitor.


Doctors rush in a push you outside the door.

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