Assassin's Creed: U-Turns

NaNoWriMo 2014. Hopefully I aim to finish this. It is a sequel to At Cross Roads though, so


56. 13th November 2013, 11:53 pm ~ Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), USA

Amanda bolted upright. Her throat closed up and she struggled to breathe, choking on her own saliva. She felt someone hold her shoulders, but focused on breathing in and out. She coughed up vomit and threw up on the floor. Her body shook and her fingers contorted and deformed. Her vision blurred and she blinked away fresh tears.
“Amanda...” came Berg's echoing voice, “Amanda, what happened? Talk to me!”
Amanda closed her eyes, turned to the sound of his voice and clung to him. She bawled in fear and sadness. She felt something warm cover her and her shivering became more apparent to her. Her vision cleared slowly, and she let go of Berg, though she kept her head rested on his chest. Amanda swallowed down bile and panted in exhaustion - and began to detach herself from Berg's body. The world spun, the nausea building up in her throat again, but she held her head and ignored it.
Berg placed a hand on her back, but Amanda was too tired to tell him to leave her alone.

Had it worked?
Had he come with her?

Dr Sung came up to her and gave her a cold-pad to put on her forehead. She took it gratefully and a sigh of relief escaped her when she applied it to her aching head. They all remained silent for a while.
Dr Sung eventually broke the silence by saying, “You were doing fine until you left the memory, what happened?”
Amanda gulped and shook her head. There wasn't a hope in hell that she would talk about this. Not to Sung. Not to Berg. Not at gun-point. They tried to coax an answer out of her, but Amanda absolutely refused to speak.
Berg sighed, “We're wasting time. Whatever this is, I'm sure it can be dealt with afterwards. Right now, we have a Sage to catch.”
Sung looked aghast, “I'm sorry, Mr Berg, but Amanda is in no condition to-”
“I'm fine,” Amanda croaked, swinging her legs off the side of the Animus, “the flight must be a few hours long, I'll be fine. Really,” she stood up and put her coat on properly, “I'll just get my medication and some food and... I'll be fine.”
“Amanda, you just said 'fine' three times in the same sitting!” Sung said, in an almost scolding manner.
“I hate to day it, but: Mr Berg is right,” Amanda said, “We need to find the Sage before he does something completely insane. You both saw that it isn't exactly beyond him. I just need a few minutes. I can make it to my room and back in one piece, that's a guarantee.”
“But will you survive this, Amanda? You need at least a day's rest.”
“I'll rest when we've got John.”

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