Assassin's Creed: U-Turns

NaNoWriMo 2014. Hopefully I aim to finish this. It is a sequel to At Cross Roads though, so


46. 11th November 2013, 9:00 pm ~ Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), USA

This room again. This symbolic room with all the statues and drapes - the stone white figures of Templar history - where Laetitia England resided. Amanda tapped the foot of a statue, tracing over the line of his big toenail with a finger, and wondered how many months this must have taken to make - as Dr Sung explained everything to Laetitia. The colder woman rose from her seat, nodding her head with a finger on her chin, and cleared her throat.
If it was supposed to get Amanda's attention, it failed.
“Miss May,” Laetitia tried again.
Amanda looked up and raised a brow.
“Stop touching the statue,” Laetitia began.
Amanda withdrew her hand and sat properly.

“Dr Sung tells me that you've found-”
Amanda looked confused, “I was here when it was happening, wasn't I?” she said in mock-innocence. The effects of her seizure hadn't quite washed off and Amanda was irritable and upset. She wanted so bad to just hit her head against a wall until she passed out. She kept a hand on her forehead and tried not to glower.
Laetitia took a deep breath, counted to ten in her head and then continued, “You have recognised the Sage. A person of great interest to us at the moment.”
“The Sage? Who is that?”
Laetitia paced the floor as she explained the story, “Eons ago, a Precursor Race existed. They built many wonderful and terrible things - one of which is known as the Observatory.”
“Which allows you to see through another person's eyes, if only you had a drop of their blood,” Amanda interrupted, paraphrasing the words of Daniel's letter, “I know.”
Laetitia drew up shirt, “This is Inner-Sanctum information,” Laetitia said, her eyes bugging, “How did you know?”
“Why are there twenty-four hours in a day? Why does the world go around? Why can't you grow a decent pair of eyebrows?” Amanda said, her voice growling at the base of her throat, “I just know. Move past it.”

Laetitia scowled, “Anyway, our people in Abstergo Entertainment are looking for the location of this Observatory,” she explained, “But you seem to have uncovered the key.”
Amanda sighed. Why didn't people just get to the point and spare her the flamboyant antics? “What are you talking about?”
“The Sage is the only man who can open the Observatory. His blood is the key to the entire world's secrets,” Laetitia smiled.
“Why? What makes him so special?”
“The Sage used to be betrothed to a powerful goddess, Juno. He was known as Aita then. But when Those Who Came Before discovered that the world was going to end, they tried to figure out different ways to prevent it or survive it,” Laetitia put out her hand, “Aita volunteered in one of these projects, to be transformed into one of us, a human. But something went wrong, it ruined him somehow by being trapped inside a human body, and his mind became brittle to the touch. Now he suffers to be reborn, every generation. That's why you know him as well as your ancestor. From him, stems the myth of reincarnation.”

It took a while for all the information to sink in. Amanda gave Laetitia a queer look, but didn't question anything. Juno... Did the Templars know she was alive and on the loose? And if Aita or John used to be married to her...
Oh, shit.
Amanda shrugged to herself. At least she knew who was on the pendant around his neck.
“Do you know where the Sage is? What he looks like?” Laetitia asked.
“Yes,” Amanda said, “I know where he is. I can monitor him from here, if you give me the means.”
“We need him, physically.”
“I know. Let me see if I can locate him first. All I need is a decent-enough computer.”

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