Happy Friday


1. One

"Something brought you here, Flynn RiderCall it what you will - fate... destiny..."

"A horse,"

- Tangled


I walked straight home after school, partly because I wanted to get back to the comforts of my bedroom, and partly because my mom had insisted I invite Carter Williams and his father round (only because she has a crush on Mr Williams). 

If I was inviting Carter Williams into my house, I had to clean my room and look presentable. Some kids - most kids, actually - think I'm weird because I like cleaning my bedroom. It gives me a chance to put things in the right order (like my movie collection. It has to be in alphabetical order for me to watch any of them) and make the space feel bigger.

"Friday, I'm home! I'm gonna start on dinner while you get ready!" Mom yelled as she walked in. I nodded, not caring if she couldn't see me. I was too focused on finding the right dress to wear.

I decided on a blue knee-length dress with a white bow around the middle. I had bought it in New Look last week but never had the chance to wear it. I shoved on my white Doc Martins and hurried downstairs with my phone in my hand.

"Are you off to invite the Williams' over?" my younger brother, Ivan, asked as I slipped past the door of the living room.

"Yeah. See you in a minute," I waved and rushed out of the door while he was in the middle of a question.

Carter's house was just a minute down the road, but I dawdled so it took me about five.

His door was the same shade of blue as my dress. Hmm.

I rang the doorbell and waited. I had only ever seen Carter when he A) took out the trash in the nude B) was in my class at school and C) when Mom drove slowly past his house to see if Mr Williams was there. 

"What?" somebody snapped just as they opened the door. I had to look up because he was just so darned tall, but I already knew it was Carter by the pronounced nakedness and the bin bag in his hands.

"Shit, you're a girl!" he slammed the door. Rude. I thought, chewing on my fingernail. Maybe I should come back later? I turned to go back home when the door opened again and Carter grabbed my elbow and yanked me back.

"Ow!" I slapped his hand and rubbed my sore arm. Carter scratched the back of his neck.

"Sorry. Um, for your arm and, uh, for being naked when I answered the door," he said sheepishly. I rolled my eyes and stepped back a bit. He stank of Axe. Ew.

"Don't worry about it. Nothing I haven't seen before," I clamped my mouth shut.


"Uh, nothing," I mumbled. Then I shook my head, sending my blonde hair flying around my head. "My, er, my mom wants to invite you and your dad to dinner tonight," I said before he could say anything.

"Sure, whatever. What did you mean when you said it was nothing you haven't seen before?" he was squinting down at me, and I have to admit it was a little terrifying.

"It's just that I only live down the road and I'm normally leaving the house when you come outside to put the trash in the bins... naked," My voice was barely a whisper and my cheeks were hot. I can't believe I'm talking to this guy about his nakedness! I wanted to slap myself.

"Oh. Um, I'll start putting on some clothes," he muttered, then said bye and walked back into his house, leaving his door open.

"Um, Carter? You left your-"

"I know!" he shouted back before I finished. I nodded and almost ran back to my house.


I had just started watching Tangled when someone knocked (a little hard) on the door.

"Friday, can you get that?" Mom shouted from the kitchen, which smelled of bread and tomatoes.

"'Kay," I got up from my perch on the sofa and opened our white door. "Hi," I said before I saw who it was. "Oh, um, hello," I made myself sound more formal. 

"Hello Miss Disney," Mr Williams said cheerfully. I nodded and stepped to the side so the two of them could come inside. 

"Sorry about my dad," Carter whispered as he passed me.

"I'll apologize for my mom in advance," I whispered back. I slid past them and led them into the living room. Rapunzel was on the screen of my TV, trying to shove Flynn Rider into her green wardrobe. 

"Um, do you guys want to watch a different movie?" I asked them, suddenly feeling like a baby for watching Disney movies at sixteen.

"I don't even know what this is," Carter said. "But she's hot," he pointed to Rapunzel. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Typical boy. It's Disney's Rapunzel," I said.

"I've never watched a Disney movie,"

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