Charlotte Decaso has gone throw alot of thing her husband Britain died in car accident and made her lose her memory. She has to find who killed her loved one but through that she falls in love with some one forbidden.


2. Remembering Brittain

Later that same day Ethan showed me my house full of pictures and they were all about a me a baby and handsome young man . I recognized that face but from somewhere , but where?  Then a old looking lady came in the room with a baby the baby from the picture. He called me mama but then I asked. “ Who is this little one and who is this lady and why is he calling me mama?”   Ethan  and his wife looked at me with shocked eyes and filled with sadness. The old lady came up to and grabbed my hand  and said “ Dear you must have really bonked you head real hard if you don’t remember your son and Brittain”. With all of that I yelled out “  Who in the world is Brittain?”

Everybody stopped Ethan told me to follow him. I  got inside the car and he started the engine, he started to drive he took me to a place a dark place…. It was the cemetery.

I got a grave a grave of this young man name “Brittain Decaso”  “a father and wonderful husband who shall always be remembered.” the writing on the gravestone read. The memories of a young lad I married him and we were in the car then everything went black, that baby was my son, Neptalie and the old lady was my mother in law Brittain’s mom. I also remembered the beeps at the hospital I had an Image of this young man on the bed and he was full of blood all over his head.

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