Charlotte Decaso has gone throw alot of thing her husband Britain died in car accident and made her lose her memory. She has to find who killed her loved one but through that she falls in love with some one forbidden.


1. News flash

I  did not know where I was. I heard loud beeps that went at a slow slow rate

I felt weird then ,I heard footsteps that  were moving rapidly. The beeps were going faster and faster until, I heard a loud one a solid one that rang in my head. I felt that a black hole grew inside of me and took everything I had. My heart also fell to pieces it was broken  and you could not fix it.

The doctors ran they started to get worried a young man layed on the bed beside them. he had blood all over his head and then the doctors covered him with a blue cover.


A few weeks later a young man well dressed came to me and said “I am sorry for what happened  Brittain he was a nice guy”. I was  confused  he was with a young lady then he said. “ This is my wife Chelsey we got married a few days before the accident.” The young  lady was small  and was wearing a long red dress with black high heels. Then I finally got  the guts to ask him who he was. “I am your brother my name is Ethan”.  Just after he told me his name memories popped up in my head . It was a little girl with a boy laughing on a bench and he said stop being funny  Charlotte.

I ask him who was Charlotte then he said.” Well that is you,you are Charlotte Decaso.”  I  remembered  my family, my mom dad and Ethan but I still could not remember the name Britain or who he was. I went  immediately to give Ethan a big hug. “  My little brother how could i forget you I am so sorry”  He looked at me with a warm look  filled with love .

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