Living A Lie

It was the little things he admired about her. The way she smiled, how confident she was in situations he would find terrifying. How she knew her own mind, had an opinion about everything and wasn't afraid to show it. She wasn't like anything he had ever seen before, and in fact he had been falling in love with her ever since that day they met five years ago when she walked through the door to the shop where he worked. He longed for her touch, to feel her soft skin press up against his. He longed to know the taste of her cherry red lips, but most of all he longed for her to feel for him the way her felt for her. He wanted her, perhaps more than he would ever want anyone else and he loved her, perhaps more than anyone would believe possible. But this story isn't about him.

In actual fact, this story isn't really about her either. It's about the other guy, and no - it's not what you think. Curious? Good, you'll have to keep reading.


1. Transparent

"Yes Miss"
"No Miss"
"Sorry Miss"
"No, it won't happen again Miss. Can I go now?"

'For goodness' sake' she thought to herself 'it was only one homework, did she really need to keep me in for that long?' Clearly, the answer to that question was yes. In the view of Miss Lindsay, one missing homework was not simply the slip of a child's mind as they left it on the bed but was in fact, the stating place for a long life of rebellion and mistrust. If people in the real world were to each be blessed with their own individual catchphrase, hers would be "It starts with a missing homework, and ends with a twelve year prison sentence" although to the likes of you and me this seems a ridiculous stretch of the possible truth.

And another thing, dear old Miss Lindsay did not know the circumstances under which this particular homework had been forgotten nor did she understand the consequences of her actions in keeping Sadie behind for quite so long. Not that she could be blamed for this of course, how was she to know of the girl's 'condition'? True, there was no official diagnosis which would have made it extremely difficult for her to convince the authority figures that she did indeed have a medical problem, but if she hadn't at least tried to inform them then how could she justify blaming them for not fully understanding when she attempted to rush out of class at the end of the day? To them, it was just the sight of another teenager bored of being imprisoned in school and desperate to embrace as much freedom as they could before bedtime. How was Sadie any different in their eyes?

Having said all this, today her reason for wanting to leave so early was not anything to do with her condition.

Whilst leaving the school grounds to embark on the twenty minute walk home, she made a desperate attempt to untangle her headphones. For a person who's life does not revolve around music, multitasking to this level could appear so incredibly difficult that they might have to consider stopping and sitting down to complete the task so as not to get run over in the process. However, to a girl like Sadie who's entire existence is filled with song this was just another part of the routine.

And that's something about her that anyone who is prepared to read this story should know. Sadie Brown is utterly obsessed with music. Not playing it I should add, (although she does rather enjoy singing to herself when one of her favourite songs comes on, provided there is no one else around) but simply listening. Sadie could listen to music all day, and often does. She never leaves her headphones at home and if you walk past her bedroom and you cannot hear a song being played, you know it's because she is not at home. You may be thinking, 'surely she just listens to the same few albums on repeat all the time?' and judging her on how boring you think she must be as a person if this is the case, however I feel compelled to inform you that it is not. Apologies dear reader, but this time you are wrong. You see when it comes to music, Sadie Brown is the least fussy person you will ever meet. She listens to everything, and I mean everything. Whether she owns a copy or not, never has the girl been known to hear a song for the first time and take a dislike to it. And that is one of the things Louis loves about her.

Today's choice of music was Maroon 5, which was put on at 3:25 when she finally left school and continued to play until 7:17 at which time she left her house to go to her friend's, where she arrived slightly earlier than expected at the time of 7:23.

"Sup b*tch!" she exclaimed when the door began to open, assuming it would be her friend Haylee who was on the other side. Of course, when Sadie looked up at the unexpectedly tall figure only to realise it was in fact her friend's father, her head ducked as she took a step back in embarrassment and mumbled an apology. Awkward.

Anyway, according to Haylee's dad it appeared she was grounded and therefore wasn't coming at all. Slightly annoyed at this, Sadie turned away from the house and was beginning to walk away when she heard someone whisper her name from behind her. She spun around and unable to locate the noise she looked up, only to see Haylee leaning out of a second storey window and clinging onto a drainpipe.

"What the f*ck are you doing?!" Sadie yelled up at her as quietly as she could "Anyway, aren't you supposed to be grounded?"

Haylee rolled her eyes "Why do you think I'm climbing out of a window, idiot!" she laughed, causing her to loose her balance on the window ledge.

"Sh*t Haylee! Can you at least try not to die if you insist on sneaking out this way?!" Sadie tried to calm her breathing, remembering the countless times she had done things like this to avoid feeling like a prisoner. However, Sadie knew very well that she was far more concerned about possibility of death than her best friend.

Haylee continued to slide down the drainpipe and once she had brushed herself off and convinced Sadie not to worry, the pair headed for the park to meet up with the others. It was a relatively short walk and they went to the local supermarket on the way to pick up some drinks to share with the others. Or at least that's what Sadie had told Haylee they were doing, which is perhaps why she acted so surprised when Sadie grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into one of the disabled toilet cubicles as soon as they entered the shop.

"What the hell?!" Haylee yelled at her as she saw Sadie lock the door. She rubbed her arms, in pain from where her best friend had gripped her so violently not two mintutes earlier.

Sadie pulled the child's step out of the corner and sat upon it, not taking her eyes off of Haylee the whole time. "Show me" she said, calm as ever.

Haylee tensed up as she had a feeling she knew exactly what Sadie was talking about. Of course, this was Sadie. No matter how hard she tried to hide it, it was only a matter of time before she found out. Sadie had this odd way of knowing everything, like a sixth sense. But not this, how could she find out? Haylee had tried so desperately hard to keep it to herself, after all she was under the impression that nobody would care. She knew people would judge her, especially Sadie. Cool, collected, confident Sadie.

"Haylee, don't look at me like that. You know what I'm talking about so don't play dumb with me."

Damn, she had seen through that confused look Haylee tried so hard to make convincing. What gave it away? Perhaps it was her sudden inability to form words. She could tell her, not that she had much choice at that point. But what if she-

"Come on Haylee, it's me. I'm not going to judge you, you know that."

"I guess..." come on Haylee, just do it. Get it over with. Tell her.

And without further hesitation, she rolled up her sleeves.

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