Living A Lie

It was the little things he admired about her. The way she smiled, how confident she was in situations he would find terrifying. How she knew her own mind, had an opinion about everything and wasn't afraid to show it. She wasn't like anything he had ever seen before, and in fact he had been falling in love with her ever since that day they met five years ago when she walked through the door to the shop where he worked. He longed for her touch, to feel her soft skin press up against his. He longed to know the taste of her cherry red lips, but most of all he longed for her to feel for him the way her felt for her. He wanted her, perhaps more than he would ever want anyone else and he loved her, perhaps more than anyone would believe possible. But this story isn't about him.

In actual fact, this story isn't really about her either. It's about the other guy, and no - it's not what you think. Curious? Good, you'll have to keep reading.


2. Angel

""He was tall, with long, curly hair in the exact shade of burgundy that leaves turn at the beginning of autumn. His eyes were hazel, and for reasons unknown to most they always appeared to be tired. On this particular day he had especially little sleep due to lack of time and this was noticeable by his unshaven face, (which was however no less neat than usual) and by the crumples on his t-shirt from the day before having had no time to pick out another, and by the feint smell of alcohol on his breath where he forgot to brush his teeth and perhaps most of all by how unusually loud he was that evening in the company of his friends.

Even his closest friends knew very little about him and even they admitted that it was tricky to tell how he was actually feeling. You see, he believed his innermost thoughts and feelings were irrelevant in the grand scheme of things and therefore to stop them from being known he liked to overcompensate by, for example, acting extremely happy when he was extremely sad. Aside from this, to the average man or woman walking down the street his lack of muscles and laid back style meant he was not often given a second look and was in fact regarded as just another person. But what these people did not realise is that if you took the time to study Angus Rose in a little more detail, you began to see that he was actually sort of beautiful. Almost angelic.

With the exception of his mother who would love him unconditionally up until the day she died, the one person aware of his beauty was Sadie Brown. She had been trying to get his attention for a grand total of three years now while he continued to walk alone, completely oblivious to her attempts to be let into his life. Of course, he knew she existed and in fact had regular interaction with her, but consistently refused to let her play a more significant role in his life. We can only imagine how this made her feel.

"What time will he be here?"
"You tell me, I haven't spoken to him all day"
"But you're sure he's coming"
"Well yeah, as sure as I can be. But if you know Angus as well as I do, there's no telling if he'll be here at all"

The two girls were seated on the old wooden fence that lined the forest, waiting for the others to show up.

"So if you haven't spoken to him then who's told him about the change of location?!"
"Relax, I'm sure one of the guys thought to let him know"
"But, what if-"
"Sadie!" Haylee jumped of the fence and turned so she was face to face with her best friend "You have GOT to chill! He'll be here, okay?"

And as if by magic, a car appeared from round the corner. HIS car. Sadie's heart skipped a beat as the realisation set in that he was on his way towards them. The excitement she felt was so intense it was almost too much to bear, and she had to grip the fence with all the power she had to stop herself from jumping up and down whilst making girly screeching noises. Tonight was the night, she had decided, she was finally going to do it.

As the car slowed to a halt in front of them, Angus rolled down his window.

"Hello ladies!" he winked at them both, pretending to be flirty. Naturally, this resulted in snorts of laughter from both the girls and Owen, who was in the passenger seat next to Angus.

Haylee failed to control herself as she spoke back "Oh shut up b*llend, you're the least flirty person on earth and we all know it!"

In mock upset, Angus' face dropped as he began to pout and his eyes widened like a puppy that's been caught doing something it shouldn't. After at least a minute of pretending to be hurt by Haylee's words, he loosened up and opened the door for the girls.

Whilst they were still climbing into the back and shuffling around trying to get comfortable Angus' twisted sense of humour lead him to start up the car and start driving at top speed. The girls both screamed, and Haylee reached forward to slap the back of his head.

"*sshole! We could have been killed!" she sounded genuinely frustrated but all four of them, including Haylee, knew it would pass as quickly as it arrived.

"Chill!" Owen called out from up front "At least he has a car!"

"Louis' meeting us there" Angus informed them "it's only a few minutes from his house."

The journey to the school didn't take too long. At this point I should mention that this wasn't just an ordinary journey to school, but far from it. The school in question, St Judes, had been shut down five years ago after a pupil died jumping off the roof of the science block which was then deemed 'unsafe'. Of course, the school had been abandoned ever since and this made it a perfect meeting place for a group of unruly teenagers with nothing to do.

The car pulled up in the staff car park and the four teens leapt out, anxious to view the 'haunted' grounds and meet their friend.

"Creepy, isn't it? Thinking that some kid killed himself right up there" Sadie pointed towards what she presumed was the science block. Haylee slowly moved in closer to her, too bold to admit that she was the tiniest bit scared.

"Yeah, it is, but that's the beauty of it. Supposedly haunted, you never know what could happen in a place like this..." Angus had latched on to that eerie sense of darkness felt in any place like this. Together, the three of them shared a moment of fear and curiosity as they each pictured in their heads the scene of the teenage boy's body falling through the sky and in an almost deafening thud, smacking into the concrete below.

"Oh, man up!" of course, Owen was the first to break the silence. "Louis needs to hurry the hell up, I wanna go inside!" and with that, he started running towards the building. Snapping out of their horrific fantasies, the others followed. Once they had reached the doors to the reception office, Angus pulled out his phone.

"What is it?" Sadie asked, sensing his concern. He shook his head and slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"I just got a text from Louis he says not to wait for him"

"How come? asked Haylee, "he's not p*ssying out on us again is he?!"

"No!" Angus answered a little too suddenly, "He said something about family problems, he'll be here as soon as he can."

"So..." a menacing smile spread across Owen's face "What shall we do now?"

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