Luckier than my sister

Cosima Niehaus has only one idol. And that’s her sister, Sarah. Why? Because Sarah had joined the army. Cosima would do anything to become a soldier too. And she does. She manages to pass through all the tests, with a little help of her sister. Cosima joins the army as a trainee, unaware that there’s someone else who knows about her little secret too. What happens if Colonel Cormier reveals Cosima’s secret?


2. Chapter 2

It has been a day since Delphine and Cosima had shared their first kiss. After Cosima left, she was a little scared Delphine wouldn’t keep her word. Could she thrust that woman? Wasn’t she blinded by her perfect face and the delicious taste of her lips against her own? She defenitely was, but the Colonel kept her word.

The next day Cosima was escorted to Dr. Leekie. She didn’t had to attempt the training sessions of Sergeant Dierden anymore and was promoted to Leekie’s assistent. Not quite what Cosima wanted though. She didn’t want to assist Leekie, she wanted to research herself. But it was better than nothing, wasn’t it? She at least got to experiment and she was liberated of the awful training sessions.

The lab they took her was gigantic. It was huge and very modern. The glassware was barely used, there were at least 5 fume hoods, a lot of lab tables, bright white labcoats and glasses, tons of microscobes and all the other supplies that came along. Huge flatscreens, each displaying different lines of biology. One displayed molecules, the other extincted mammels and the last one showed some kind of pink background with a transparant liquid floating in it that she didn’t recognize. It looked like a part of the human body.

It basically was heaven for a gal like Cosima.

Dr. Leekie walked towards them, still wearing his lab coat and his glasses, when Cosima stepped in. He spread his arms, grinning. Somebody probably already announced he was going to get a new assistent. He took Cosima’s hand in both of his hands and shook it several times.

"Cosima, I see great opportunities for you. I agree that you’re better of use here," Leekie said. Cosima smiled at him and nodded, also agreeing. She loved the lab, she could spend hours in here. And at the battlefield she wouldn’t be helpful. Because she couldn’t wear her glasses around the other soldiers, because that would betray that she cheated on the test, made her practically blind. If they would give her a gun she’d probably shoot her own people. Luckily she could also contribute to the army like this. It wasn’t the kind of herotic deed Cosima had in mind, but this could work too.

"I look foreward to work with you, Dr. Leekie," Cosima said. Leekie smiled at her and nodded reassuring.

Another guy came to them, another new labcoat hung over his lower-arm. He wore glasses under his labglasses and Cosima noticed he desperately had been trying to make his shaggy hair look fancy. The man acted a little strange, like he wasn’t used to see someone like Cosima. She wasn’t ordinary, but neither creepy. He introduced himself, rather awkwardly, as Scott Smith as he gave Cosima her new lab coat. It already had her name tag on it. A grin spread across her face when she put it on. It fit her tiny posture perfectly.

"When will we start?" Cosima asked. She looked at Scott and then back at Leekie. Scott was trying to avoid her gaze and looked down, but Leekie smiled inviting, like he truely was happy to have her in this lab. Even though he didn’t had a clue who she actually was and what her intrest were. The best thing he could know was that she had filled in on her application form that her hobbies included science.

"Immediately," Leekie said smiling.

Dr. Leekie showed her what he was working on and his previous researches for the rest of the day. It seemed like Leekie was especially entertained by evolutionary biology, especially modern and utopian evolution. Of course, his job was to research for the army, but whenever he had some free time, he would continue his work as a neolutionist. It first seemed a little odd to Cosima, but after a few hours of discussing it, she started to appreciate it. Leekie showed her his own researches, including the great flatscreen displaying the pink thing with the transparant liquid. They walked over to one of the microscobes Leekie was using just before Cosima entered into the lab. He told her he was trying to create a syntetical womb, which was actually quite fascinating.

When she had asked him if they wouldn’t get caught with this, Leekie grinned. She noticed he had bright white teeth. Cosima didn’t mind to bend the rules a bit, or even break them, but she couldn’t imagine Scott breaking the rules, especially if big-muscled guys with guns walked around everywhere. Leekie came closer to her and rose his eyebrows a little bit while his eyes checked if someone would be eavesdropping, even though Scott was the only one in the room.

"Actually, we were caught a few weeks earlier. But the council ignored it, because ‘they can’t keep scientist from doing science, even if it’s not the exact science for which they were hired for’," he told her with a big grin on his old, rimpled face. Cosima couldn’t help but to smile back, imagining all the different kind of researches they could do.

Her first day as Leekie’s assistent was rather nice. Way better than those training sessions. She actually felt kind of bad for the other rookies.

At the end of the day she got an own bedroom and bathroom indicated. She wouldn’t sleep in a big hall with her force, like Sarah had to, and neither in the big tents the trainees would sleep in tonight. She had her own bed, with fresh linnen sheets and a little desk. A clean toilet, a proper douchecabin and a closet. The sight of her new domicile made Cosima grin with happiness. This was defenitely an improvement.

The next morning she was expected at the lab around 11 AM. Cosima was already used to the early hours of Sergeant Dierden, so it felt strange to wake up around 8 AM and being able to sleep for another few hours. Leekie told her she at least had to be there at 11, since that’s the time when the brain starts to wake up. Cosima, of course, already knew that little fact, but she was glad there was at least someone using it to their benefit. Back in high school Cosima had often pointed out the teachers shouldn’t take tests before 11 AM, because the pupils’ brains couldn’t fully function. No one had listened to her. Now, she was glad to meet someone who thought the same as she did.

When she walked through the corridor, Delphine crept up in her thoughts. Cosima couldn’t erease her beautiful face off of her mind until late at night and when she woke up, the first thing she thought of was Delphine. She fantasized a long time about the gorgeous woman, needy for her lips on her own again. It was like every second away from Delphine made it harder to forget her. Cosima couldn’t help but to grin dorkily to the ground by the thought of Colonel Cormier and her stupid need to be with her.

It took a few minutes to find the lab again. Cosima got lost at least twice, but luckily a few good guys pointed out the right way, recognizing her because she was the ‘new girl’ around here. When she entered the lab and was about to put on her lab coat, Leekie walked up to her. A charming smile on his face, as always.

"Cosima," he said. "In a few minutes I have to attempt an important meeting and I thought that you could join me." 

He raised his eyebrows questioning. 

Cosima blinked astonished for a few seconds. She actually expected a lazy second day in the lab, just helping Leekie with his experiments or she would be trying to accomplish her mission to get Scott a little more comfertable around her. She didn’t expect Leekie to bring her to one of those important meetings with the council. All the people who actually were going to be there… All the important people were… Delphine was going to be there!

A grin appeared on Cosima’s face as soon as she realized. She nodded quickly. Leekie smiled at her and took off his own labcoat. He hung it on one of the hooks on the wall, next to Cosima’s and Scott’s. Cosima wondered if Leekie knew she wasn’t excited for the meeting, but for the very good-looking person that was also going to be there.

"It might be better if we go now. The meeting will start in ten minutes and it takes at least five minutes to get there," Scott announced, while he shut down the flatscreens, the laptops and all the other electrical appliances, to save energy. The classical music that played on the background got shut off. When Scott was done he came towards them, his hands placed in his pockets and his curious, soft eyes first gazing at Cosima before looking at Leekie. You could see he was still a boy, needy for someone to tell him what to do.

"You’re right, Scott," Dr. Leekie agreed. He smiled at both of them, before he walked towards the door, opened it and kept it open until Cosima and Scott entered the corridor first. She heard a little click when the door shut and locked.

Scott probably knew the way to the meeting room, but he wouldn’t walk. He stood there, awkwardly, waiting for her or Leekie to walk so he could follow. Cosima didn’t know the way, so she also had to wait. Dr. Leekie noticed his assisents were a little lost, one because he was too shy and one because she still saw all these halls in the Great Building as one giant maze. Leekie smiled reassuring to them when he passed them and started to lead them through the labyrinth. They made eye contact for a second or two, until they both followed the old man.

Scott’s guess was almost exact. It took them about 5 minutes to get to the meeting room. When they entered it, Cosima noticed they were one of the first ones. It was a basic meeting room, with a one large table in the middle of the room, with a lot of chairs around it. There were no windows, but she doubted if this whole building had any other windows. Little spots were placed in the ceiling, brighting up the room. There was a big screen placed in front of the table, probably for a powerpoint that was going to be shown in a few minutes time.

There were two others already arrived, drinking coffee from plastic cups while talking merrily. She didn’t recognize them, neither of them. Both women. The first woman, who wore a fancy dress that suited her tiny figure well, had a harsh figure. Her nose was up in the air and she tried to look down on her fellow collegue, even though she was bigger than her. She just put her nose higher in the air and looked at him like he was dirt. Her perfectly cut, blonde hair suited her stature well. Cosima knew she shouldn’t let a cheesy comment slip out of her mound if this woman was nearby. At least the woman she was talking to looked a lot nicer. Her black to darkbrown hair was tied up in a bun and a long, white coat hung over her shoulders. When her eyes took notice of Leekie, she turned her back to the strict woman and walked over to them. A grin appeared on both of their faces.

"Marian!" Dr. Leekie said, while he took her hand in both of his, shaking it eagerly, like he did with Cosima yesterday.

"Aldous! Don’t tell me you’ve rubbed your hands with some dirty gel."

"What I do in my free time is my business," Leekie said, chuckling.

"Marian, may I introduce you to Cosima Niehaus, my new assistant. Cosima, this is one of my collegues, Marian Bowles. You’ve met Scott already, haven’t you, Marian?"

The woman smiled at Scott and he smiled back, a little shy. They both gave eachother a nod before Marian Bowles turned to Cosima.

"So you’re Cosima? I’ve heard some nice things about you," Marian said, while she stuck out her hand to meet Cosima’s. She smiled at Marian, nodded and shook her hand. After they both got their hands back, Marian folded her arms over eachother in front of her chest.

"Ah." Cosima chuckled and put her hand on her flank. "And which ‘nice things’ have you heard?"

She was a little anxious a big gossip about her cheating has been going around through the staff. Leekie seemed to know her, Marian knows her.. Did Delphine tell something? A knot formed in her tummy and fear spread through her body for a few seconds. Her breath seemed to stuck in her throat.

"I’ve heard you’ve got amazing qualities, better than the regular soldier. I’m glad we recruited and promoted you," Marian Bowles said. 
Cosima exhailed loudly, half laughing and half sighing relieved. Scott gave her a look but she ignored it.

"Anyway, mind if we talk privately for a few seconds, Aldous?" she asked, fixing her attention on Dr. Leekie again. He smiled and nodded.

"Just a few seconds them, you two sit can down," Leekie said to Scott and Cosima as he walked off with Marian to a quiet corner. Cosima looked at both of them for a few seconds before turning to Scott.

"Well, let’s sit down then," she said smiling. Scott nodded and followed her to the table.

They chose a place close to the big doors through which the other council members entered the room. Scott would want to leave as soon as possible when this meeting was over, Cosima thought. And she was pretty intrested in which people would attempt, since two other councilmembers just walked into the meeting room. Scott tapped her arm and indicated at both of them. The first woman, with just as lionmane-like hair as Sarah had, seemed to be pretty cheerful. She chatted delighted with another woman with bright red hair, cut short.

"See, that’s Admiral Fitzsimmons, leadster of our Fleet, and Major General Obinger, transported from Germany to serve our army. She’s basically the expert on bombs and such," Scott explained. Cosima tilted her head a little to the left, staring fascinated at the two women.

Everytime someone else walked into the room, Scott would tell her who they were. General of air force Sawicki, a handsome young man with a goatee. Lieutenant Hendrix was talking the Detectives Childs, Bell and DeAngelis. All three worked for the American Army, spying on Russia and North-Korea. Scott told her they came, once in a few weeks, to pass through information. And then there was Major Fournier, Captain Giordano & Commander Zingler. They were all three wallflowers, not very presence and talking quietly. Eventually Sarah came in, together with Felix and Cal. Behind her, Chief Helena walked. Scott told her Helena rather was named by her normal name, but people used to say she didn’t even have a backname. Not that it mattered. Without any doubt Helena was the scariest one of them all. Except for maybe General Duncan. At least Chief Helena still had some child-like, discovering behaviour that made Cosima feel a lot more comfertable around her than Duncan.

Sarah greeted her quickly, but her attention got caught by the confersation Cal and Felix seemed to have. The two sisters were both intrested in other things.

Cosima kept looking at the door. Everyone is supposed to be here now and the meeting was about to start… But Colonel Cormier hadn’t arrived yet… Cosima didn’t dare to ask Scott if Delphine was still coming, because she actually isn’t supposed to know her… At least, not as well as she actually knew Delphine…

She almost gave up and was about to start a confersation with Scott when she walked through those doors. Her grey laptop clenched under her arm and her blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders with every step she made. Cosima’s heart made a jump and she couldn’t help but to grin, her tongue poking through her teeth.

"Colonel Cormier!"

Leekie’s voice echoed through the room. He left Marian Bowles in her little dark corner, sipping coffee from a cup, and walked over to Delphine. To Cosima’s surprise, Delphine smiled inviting at Dr. Leekie and even walked over him a few steps. When Leekie had smiled at her, he looked in the direction of Cosima and Scott, welcoming them with his eyes to join the confersation. Scott stood up, with an awkward smile on his face already. Cosima stood up too and together they walked over to Leekie and Delphine. She noticed jitters formed in her belly, crawling around in her body like a bunch of butterflies was released in it. Her heart pumped blood through her body faster than she ever felt it doing and her mind was going blanc. The only thing that matter now was Delphine’s beautiful smile.

"I have to say, Delphine, that I’ve been so glad you recruited Cosima," Leekie began. Delphine smiled at him and murmeled a simpule ‘Thank you’.

"She hasn’t been around long but I already noticed she will be of great use! I don’t think you two have met, do you?" he asked, asking the question to no one particular. His eyes switched from Delphine’s to hers. Cosima decided to play the game. No one, except Delphine and herself maybe, knew that Cosima and Delphine knew eachother already. And she actually was dying to feel those soft hands of her again.

"No, we haven’t," Cosima said, smiling. Delphine’s smile grew bigger, just a little. It might be invisable for someone who didn’t pay enough attention, but Cosima did. She saw and she knew Delphine thought the same. They would both play the game to fool Leekie and Scott.

She stack out her hand to meet Cosima’s. Their soft skin brushing against eachother and their fingers gripping eachother’s hands. She could barely function normal. Her thoughts were screaming and making her head dizzy. Or it could be those amazing puppy eyes again. Cosima didn’t know and didn’t mind.

"Enchantée," Delphine said, tightening her grip on Cosima’s hand for a second. Her voice got lower, just a little, when she spoke French. She couldn’t deny it wasn’t the most sexy thing ever. Their eyes met and smiles were exchanged. She was completely hypnosized by Delphine, not able to tell if her legs felt like cooked spaghetti because of her hair, her eyes, her smile, her face or just everything together.

"Enchantée," Cosima tried to immitate. Even though it sounded like shit, Delphine chuckled softly. She withdraw her hand softly and Cosima let go too, pretty sad it couldn’t last longer. Or she couldn’t feel those hands on her cheek like she felt yesterday.

"The meeting is about to start.." Scott announced, meaning we should all sit down and get our laptops out to take notes. Cosima gave him an annoyed glare and coughed a little. Did he had to interrupt this moment? Even though the meeting was about to start? She didn’t even care about it anymore, she just wanted to hold Delphine’s hand a little longer.

"Yes, let’s sit," Delphine said. She forgot Scott and his stupidy and could only think of her very nice accent when she talked english. "Mind if I sit next to you, Aldous?"

Dr. Leekie smiled at her and invited her by opening his arms. His old, blue eyes seemed to sparkle, just like they had done when he talked about his researches.

"Of course."

Delphine nodded and smiled. She gave Leekie a different smile than she had given Cosima. Leekie’s was small and reserved, like she just had to smile at him because of her formalities. But when she smiled to Cosima, it seemed like a whole different person was looking at her. Free, and happy, a little shy. Cosima preferred the smile Delphine gave her.

They all sat down. Leekie placed himself next to General Duncan. Cosima got a little nervous, sitting nearby that woman who rather would be a robot than an actual person. But she wouldn’t have to talk to her, so it didn’t matter. Delphine took place at Leekie’s other side. Their eyes met again, Delphine’s welcoming and inviting. Like that spot next to her was meant for Cosima. A cheesy smile appeared on her face as she sat down next to Delphine. Scott preferred a place at the back of the room, far away from all those people. And Cosima noticed why. The generals, officers, colonels, chiefs and all the others looked at her like she shouldn’t be there. It felt like she had to earn her place, like she couldn’t sit next to Delphine without proving she actually was useful. Cosima ignored the looks and just stack her nose in the air, like she saw General Duncan do as well, even though she might do it for different reasons.

A few minutes before the meeting began, everybody took their laptop out and turned it on. The most important people, like Duncan, Cosima noticed, had someone who took notes for them. Scott took the notes for Dr. Leekie and she knew she actually had to do that as well. But when Leekie gave her a charming wink, she knew that he didn’t mind she didn’t do anything at her first meeting. The officers who were ranked a little lower were expected to write down everything themselves, like Delphine was supposed to do. But she didn’t. Her left hand slipped under the table while her right hand tried to type, which, of course, didn’t work. Cosima wettened her lips with the tip of her tongue and she tried to stay as calm as possible, even when Delphine touched her upper-leg slightly with her fingers. Slowly, without anyone noticing, she placed her right hand on her leg, under the table.

Quick like a snake, Delphine’s hand brushed hers. Her long, slender fingers drew cirkels on the top of Cosima’s hand. A shiver ran down her spine by the sweet touching. She had to force herself not to grin immediately. Only the corners of her mouth curled up into a small smile. Their fingers embraced, hooking into eachother and never letting go. The butterflies were unleashed in her stomach and a happy feeling spread through her veins, pumped by her fast beating heart. How could one woman, who she barely knew, could make Cosima feel like this?
The meeting started and Delphine tried to take notes. But it was impossible to type with one hand and with the high speed of General Duncan’s voice. Half past the meeting Colonel Cormier just gave up and listened. Her head rested on her right hand while her left was still intertwined with Cosima’s. They both didn’t mind, obviously enjoying the feeling of keeping someone close like this.

It took at least an hour for the meeting to finish. It must’ve been intresting, since Leekie has been listening with a frowned brow all the time. Cosima didn’t even know what General Duncan was talking about, and by the startled look on Delphine’s face when the meeting suddenly came to an end, it was clear she hadn’t got a clue either. They were too busy with their hands under the table. Placing them flat on eachother, Delphine drawing cirkels on Cosima’s handpalm or Cosima playing with Delphine’s fingers, one by one. It distracted them, but Cosima couldn’t care less. Scott took notes and she would look at them later, maybe even sent them to Delphine. Her words document was still opened at the display of her laptop with only 4 whole sentences written in it.

When everybody stood up, they also did. Their hands were still intertwined, until the moment it was time to go seperate ways again. Delphine’s name was called at the other end of the room and Cosima had to leave with Leekie and Scott to head back to the lab again. Their eyes met one last time before they both walked to their own group, like nothing ever happened. When Cosima left the meeting room, she gazed over her shoulder to the blonde puppy. Delphine didn’t notice her, so she could enjoy a second or two of the view. But Scott took her by the arm and dragged her away from Delphine. He was, again, ruining the moment.
The three of them walked back to the lab and entered it, by pushing their cards against the scanner. The door opened and they got in again, all three scooting into their lab coats.

"Hey, Cosima," Scott said. "Because you’re part of the team now, I think it’s time for you to have your own laptop."
Cosima rose her eyebrows.

"Oh, we all get a new laptop around here, all secured with the newest and safest technology, to keep hackers out, you know," Scott explained, while he put on his lab coat. He took off to the magazine and got back with a brand new laptop. It had a sticker of coloured DNA on the back.

"I thought you would like this, I mean.. I heard you like genetics and such, and like this we won’t mix up our laptops," Scott said, while handing the laptop over to her. She blinked in surprise, murmeling a generous thank you. Scott helped her to start it up, set a new password and install all the programs that were needed. When they were ready, Cosima logged into her e-mail.

"Could you send me those notes about the meeting?" Cosima asked. Scott laughed a little and nodded, hurrying to his own laptop to send them immediately. If Cosima could only get Delphine’s e-mail, she could mail the notes to her. In a minute or two she saw the email of Scott come up on her desk, with a little ‘pling’.

"Thanks!" she said. Scott murmeled a ‘you’re welcome’, while he put his laptop on one of the lab tables. He was about to walk off to Leekie, who already sat behind his microscobe, looking with his old eyes through the lenses.

"Oh, Scott," Cosima said, raising her hands. He turned around. She smiled at him, waving her hands as an apology. "Sorry, sorry, sorry for bothering you, but.. ehm.."

She signed him to come closer. He looked back at Leekie, who didn’t seem to notice anything. Scott looked down as he walked over her, putting his hands in the pockets of his coat.

"Could you help me with something? I need to figure out an e-mail and I thought you could help me," she said, scratching at the back of her head. Scott’s nervous eyes looked into hers, not knowing what to answer. 
"Depends on who’s e-mail I have to help you with.." he said eventually, after a few seconds of silance. Cosima smiled. Delphine’s e-mail shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

"Colonel Cormier’s e-mail," she said in a whisper. Leekie couldn’t know, or he might suspect something. If he would find out, Cosima could bet her ass that he was going to tell General Duncan, since he and Duncan seemed to be pretty close.. At least, how close Duncan could become with someone… And if General Duncan knew, she was defenitely going to be send home.

Scott’s eyes widened.

"C-colonel Cormier? I’m not supposed to find out the e-mails of the other council members… We didn’t get secured laptops for nothing, you know.. Sorry, Cosima, but I really can’t help you with this."

Cosima sighed loudly and moaned out of annoyance. Her head dropped in her hands and for a moment it just stayed there, her mind thinking at top speed. He just had to give her Delphine’s damn e-mail. That isn’t a crime, is it? She just wants to send her the notes, because it was her fault she couldn’t take any. Is that too much to ask? Well, if she couldn’t mail them to Delphine, she would print out the notes and just bring them to her in personal. That might be even a better idea too..

Cosima lifted up her head, a chocky smile spread across her face as she looked at Scott. The boy backed up a little bit, not quite sure how to react at her sudden moodchange.

"Well, you already sent them to me. I’ll just print them out and bring them over," she said, proud of her own intelligence. Scott raised his eyebrows curiously.

"Why would you do that? She took her own notes.."

It might be better not to answer that question, Cosima thought doubtfully. He might start to dig and that was pretty much the last thing Cosima would want. She copied the text of Scott’s email and placed them in a Word Document. In a minute or two a few pages were printed out and ready for transport. Cosima grabbed them, swung her labcoat off of her shoulders and threw it over the closest chair.

"That doesn’t matter. I’ll be back in a few seconds, okey?" she said. 
Cosima took off before Scott could even reply. She rushed out of the lab, closing the big, steel door behind her and walked in a hurry through the maze of corridors. The bright white walls seemed to fade into one giant blur while Cosima started to walk faster. She didn’t know why. Maybe she just wanted to get to Delphine as soon as possible, even though she just saw her a couple of minutes ago. A little smile spread across her face, realizing this woman already had her wrapped around her littlefinger. She could play Cosima like she was a puppet and she didn’t even mind.

It took her at least half an hour to get to Colonel Cormier’s office. All the halls looked the same and were easily mistaken, like Cosima had done at least five times. Eventually, with a little help of a few guards, she found the right floor and made the security believe she only came to drop off some notes. The papers in her hand made the guys believe her. She passed them and walked straight to the right door. There was no need to look at the name tags, because Cosima remembered the wooden door pretty well. She knocked and heard Delphine’s sweet voice commanding her to enter the room. Her hands closet around the handle and pushed it down and entered the room.

The room had barely changed. Again, there was a bottle of wine placed on the clean desk. Bloodred wine was poured into a high, crystal glass with the prints of Delphine’s lipstick on the edge. The woman who left the prints sat behind the desk, eagerly typing on her laptop. When she noticed Cosima, a soft smile appeared on her face, not surprised at all.

"Bonjour Cosima," she greeted her. Cosima’s leg seemed to turn into jelly by her voice, even more pleasuring her ears when she spoke French.

"Hello, Delphine," Cosima said. A dorky smile, with her tongue poking through her teeth, appeared on her face. She helt up the papers and walked over to her desk. “I think you might wanted the notes.. Scott took them, if you don’t mind.”

Delphine’s eyes left hers for a few seconds, scanning the papers. Her smile grew wider while she took it and placed it on her laptop’s keyboard. Then, her eyes turned back to Cosima’s and she couldn’t help but to get lost into them. A little voice in her head reminded her of her formalities. You don’t know Delphine that well, it warned. Cosima knew she didn’t and better couldn’t take any risks, but she couldn’t help herself. She took a few steps closer to the desk, her eyes never leaving Delphine’s eyes. Colonel Cormier bowed foreward, decreasing the space between them.

"Is there anything else I must do, Colonel?" Cosima asked. Delphine licked her lips slowly as she stood up. Her teeth bit her underlip for a few seconds and Cosima couldn’t think of anything else but those lips against her own.

"Actually, there might be something, Miss Niehaus.." Delphine said. She took slow steps as she walked around her bureau, to be sure desire grew inside of Cosima at every step she took.

"I’d be happy to serve you, Colonel.." she said. Her mouth became dry and she was almost sure Delphine could hear her heart beating louder than it ever did. She had to keep herself from taking those last two steps towards her and shove her against that desk of hers.

"Good…" Delphine said, her eyes sliding from Cosima’s eyes to her lips. She noticed how Delphine’s chest was going up and down faster and faster and her steps became hasty. Cosima knew Delphine was as desperate as she was to the touch of their lips.

Both of them took the last step at the same time. Their bellies touched when they exhaled and their noses were barely a few inches away of eachother. She could smell her breath, a delicious smell of red wine mixed with the sweet smell of her strong parfume.

"I don’t think I have to command you now, do I?" Delphine asks, her voice a little higher and hoarser than it was just a few seconds ago. The cheesy grin appeared on Cosima’s face again.

"No.." she wispered, as she leaned in for a passionate kiss. Their arms brought their bodies even closer, but it didn’t feel close enough. They deepened the kiss but Cosima wanted to taste more of Delphine. Her body was roaring of happiness and was kept happy by Delphine’s hands that slowly stroked over her cheek, her neck and her shoulder. Barely anything in her life had felt as nice as that kiss.

And Delphine felt it too, because in the coming weeks, they almost spend every night together. After her tiring hours in the lab, Cosima would always sneak to Delphine’s office. Colonel Cormier made sure she was on the list at all times, so the guards could never disallow her to go to Delphine’s office. Some nights were spent with passionate kisses, deep stares and hugs because no words were needed to make the other person understand their feelings. Other nights, depending on both of their moods, were spent with a bottle of wine. Sipping their glasses they told about their lifes before they joined the army. They told about their family, friends, what they loved to do, their hobbies and every fun little fact they could enumerate about themselves. Cosima started to feel more and more for the Colonel. There wasn’t only desire anymore, but actual feelings that drove her crazy every night that she didn’t spent with her new lover.

Nobody noticed anything about them. Not at meetings and nobody ever questioned Cosima when she sneaked out of her room once again. The guards were used about her little visits ever day and didn’t even question her anymore. Until one night their lives collapsided.

Cosima knocked on the door and just entered right away, not even waiting for Delphine to tell her to come in. It wasn’t necessary anymore and Delphine didn’t even look up from her desk anymore when she walked in.

"Bonsoir, ma cherie," she said. Cosima grinned and walked over to her.. well, she wouldn’t say girlfriend just yet, but she sure would be her girlfriend if they got a little more time.

"Good evening," Cosima said, while she placed a kiss on her cheek.

"What are you working on?"

Delphine showed her the typed Word pages, sighing like a hungry zombie. Cosima knew this mood. This was her I-actually-work-too-much-but-I-can’t-stop-or-I’ll-get-in-trouble-mood. She knew how to handle this. Cosima covered Delphine’s long, slender fingers with her own so they weren’t able to type any more sentences. Her face nuzzled in her hair and her lips gave a quick kiss on her head.

"Let’s just leave that for a moment and relax, Delphine.." she whispered. Delphine made a noice of a mix of a moan and a chuckle and turned around in her chair.

"Okey then.." she smiled, while she leaned in for a soft kiss on Cosima’s lips. She wrapped her arms around Delphine’s neck and kissed back eagerly. After a long day she missed Delphine’s touches. Luckily she didn’t had to wait much longer.

They broke their kiss for a few seconds so Delphine could stand up. It felt easier for both of them if Delphine was the taller one, even though Cosima would never admit that. At some days she hated that Delphine was just a few inches longer than she was, but today it felt nice to wrap herself up in Delphine’s arms while a safe feeling was pumped through her vains as easily as blood. Their kiss got intenser and before both of them knew what was going on, Cosima shoved Delphine against the wall. Their breathing became louder and their hands discovered eachothers bodies like they never touched it before. Their kisses got intenser.

Cosima’s fingers were already busy unbuttoning the buttons of Delphine’s blouse while Delphine’s hands slid under her T-Shirts and stroked her back, kissing her neck and collarbone.

Neither of them noticed a person was coming in until she coughed a little. Cosima’s eyes opened and widened shocked as she pushed herself off of Delphine immediately. Both of them looked startled in the eyes of the visitor. But before Delphine mumbled her name, Cosima recognized her. The blonde, short hair, strict expression and her lips pushed together until they formed a thin line on her face…

"G-general Duncan…"

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