Blinking Lights and Dial Tones

Lexie meets 4 boys but the stumbles and problems she faces when they leave.


6. Chapter 6

its been a week since my birthday, a week since James left, a week since i met Calum, Ashton,Luke and Michael, a weeks since Calum get me two weeks off and a week since well........ I was happy.

i know i shouldn't be miserable and that but i couldn't help it.

My studio apartment was home, open plan lounge and kitchen. the bathroom And Bedroom were private and safe to say it was quiet large area. i was laying on the sofa watching pointless reality tv, seriously how does anyone find this entertaining!?

there was a knock at the door and tbh i couldn't be fucked to move. "ITS OPEN!" i called and th door swung open to reveal the 4 boys. safe to say we've got close. "Hey Lexie!" i waved as they all fell onto my sofa and chairs. "wow you made a real effort today." i looked behind me and saw Ashton smirking: "well ya know thought id make an effort i thought you boys might turn up at some point." i rolled my eyes playfully: "HEY GUYS! as you know we're in LA recording the new album its going amazing and i cant wait for you guys to hear it! but we've took a break from recording today to spend with our new friend LEXIE!!!" Michael turned around and held the phone above his his and got all if us in the frame. Ashton sitting by my head, Calum sitting next to me with my legs on his lap and Luke sitting there with a bag of gummy worms. "say hi guys!" we all waved and smiled at the camera and Michael held it there and finished it. "so thats Lexie and the boys! stay strong and we'll be seeing you really soon as we have big announcement coming in a few days!!! Byeeeee!!!!"he ended it and then posted it up on keek. "so what you boys up too today!?" i asked as i clicked the tv over; "nothing so we thought we'd hang with you-" Calum got cut off by Luke; "Calum was being a little bitch and wanted to hang with you." i smiled and grinned at Calum. "we'll im going for a shower make yourselves at home." i smiled and removed myself from the sofa and to the bathroom. i started running the shower and checked twitter.

@Callie23: Omg did u c @5sos keek!? @Calum5sos and @Lexie69 look so cute together!!

@Robynnnn; @Callie23 nah!! @Lexie69 and @Ashton5sos would be wayy cuter!

@Sophwx; idk why people are talking bout @Calum5sos and @Lexie69 cant we just leave them alone i mean they're mates!

@JessIca; @Lexie69 you should bang him ;)

i gasped. Jessica is so dead.

@Lexie69; @JessIca fuck you man!!

@JessIca; @Lexie69 ahahahah fuck @Calum5sos

@Lexie69; @JessIca I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU D;

i set my phone down and stripped and wrapped myself in a towel to grab my clothes from the other side of the apartment meaning the boys had to witness me in a towel. "whoooaaaaa looking good!" Michael wolf whistled and i rolled my eyes to grab my clothes from my room and walked back. I got to the bathroom dropped the towel and went to jump into the shower and saw a grinning naked calum. "CALUM!!" i squealed and covered myself up. "hey." he cheekily spoke and stepped closer to me; "why you covering yourself up? you're gorgeous." i rolled my eyes and stepped into the shower and pushed him aside as i washed my hair. i heard him chuckle and i turned around and faced him. have to admit the water on his body made me weak at the knees. my eyes trailed down his body and landed on his chest. i heard a chuckled and he cleared his throat; "Lexie?" i snapped my head up and heat rushed to my cheeks. "sorry." he chuckled and grabbed my hips and leaned into my ear; "you can look all you like love, but all you have to do is ask to kiss me." he smirked and i felt my cheeks redden again. "ask." his lips brushed mine and i involuntary shivered; "C-Cal..... Kiss me." just then his lips pressed on mine.

the feeling felt like fireworks in my stomach.

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