Blinking Lights and Dial Tones

Lexie meets 4 boys but the stumbles and problems she faces when they leave.


5. Chapter 5

*5 hours later*

we were still at Chloe's house. and have to say it was really easy to talk to the boys now i feel like we had bonded. there was a knock at the door and Jess ran and answered it: "Hello Ma'am are you Miss Alexia Connors?" my head shot up: "No, Hey Lex?" i walked over to the door and a guy in uniform stood there. i grabbed jess before she walked away. "Miss Connors?" i nodded and he handed me a box and a letter; "i have this to give to you. special delivery courtesy of Private Connors." i nodded and held the things close to my body. "Thank you." he stood to attention and saluted and i nodded as he left. Jess shut the door and I made my way over towards the window seat and set the things down.

Letter first.

'Dear Lexie,

i hope you had an amazing birthday! I'm sorry i couldn't spend it with you my schedule well... lets say private matters, but, i hope you had a good time with the girls. i know how much you didn't want to go and celebrate but I'm glad you did and i bet you looked beautiful.

I hope you aren't mad at me for not saying goodbye i knew how hard it would be for us to do so, so i thought id let Mom tell you i had left. As you know I'm not allowed to say where i will be going and what i will be doing but just know that no matter what you're still my baby sister and i love you loads.

You're not just my sister but you're my best friend and i love you loads. i may not be with you but you are always with me in my heart and i think about you, mom and dad all the time. just know that wherever i am i will always write to you and expect the letter to be late as the postal service will be rubbish.

i hate to go but i hope Private Wills gets this to you and i hope you like your birthday presents took me forever to find them!

love you baby sis and happy birthday!

love Jaime. xxx'

tears were dripping down my cheeks and i set the paper down. there wasnt a sound being made as i sat the lre everyone was silent as i opened the present.

what the hell James!

i gasped as i opened the present to see a bracelet. not just any bracelet it was the antique bracelet i saw when i was 9 and James was 11 in a store window as we were shopping with mom and James has said to me the one day it will be mine. a note slipped from the box

'i told you it will be yours one day - Jaime'

the other gift was a necklace with a locket i opened it one side was a photo of myself and James on his 18th and the other side was a small piece of paper saying

'i love you baby sis! Jaime'

i felt tears rush down my cheeks and faint sobs escaping my mouth, "Lexie, you okay babe?" i heard Mila whisper. I looked up and saw 7 concerned faces. "Jaime.... he r-remembered." i croaked out and the girls looked at me with odd expressions. "Remembered what babe?" Jess spoke up and i held up the bracelet. "oh my god." the girls said in unison. "I c-cant believe he..." a strangled sob emitted from my mouth. my cell started ringing. "H-Hello?" i choked out and there was a chuckle.


"Open Chloe's door." i dropped my phone and at he door and then ran jumped over the sofa and opened the door to reveal my brother standing there in his uniform. i jumped into his arms and he chuckled. "Hey sis," he whispered and i punched his arm as he set me to my feet. "You're a jerk." he chuckled and looked behind me; "hey girls." i turned and saw the girls mouths wide open and wide eyes at James. i walked into the place and he followed. "Daymmnn Jaime you look hot in that!" Jess laughed and Jamie started laughing too; "Shame its gonna get filthy and everything in a few days." they all nodded with smiles. "So like your birthday presents?" he turned to me and i nodded and felt tears again. he laughed and pulled me into a hug. "glad you like it." i smiled and buried my face into his shoulder.

After a few minutes i looked up and James smiled; "Oh, Jaime this is Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum. This is my brother Jaime." the boys exchanged handshakes and nods and hellos and Jaime looked down at me. "i gotta go in a few minutes Lex." i nodded with a heavy sigh. "Hey I'll be back in a few months. i'll be fit as anything." he cupped my face and kissed my forehead. "Okay," he chuckled and looked at the girls. "You girls look after her okay?" they all nodded and i saw their eyes glass over but they all nodded. "It was nice meeting you guys. Lexie i really have to go." i nodded and he kissed my forehead one last time and walked to the door. "Hey James!" Calum jumped over the sofa and rushed to the door. i slid next to Mila and cuddled into her side. i peered over the sofa and the two boys were looking at me and smiling then talking again.

what the hell.

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