Blinking Lights and Dial Tones

Lexie meets 4 boys but the stumbles and problems she faces when they leave.


4. Chapter 4

"OPEN UP!!" we heard shouting and pounding on the door. i felt heat rush to my cheeks as the girls laughed and shoved me off the back of the sofa and i landed with a thud on the floor followed by a groan. i crawled towards the door and opened it while i was still on the floor and the boys looked down as i laid there. "why are you on the floor?" i looked up to see 4 gorgeous boys staring at me holding pizza boxes. "They pushed me off the sofa." i pointed towards the girls who were all peering over the sofa waving. "need a hand!?" i shook my head and crawled.... yeah i crawled.... the girls giggled at me as i clambered back onto the sofa and the boys jumped in between us. "pizza?" we all stuck into the boxes and my phone started buzzing. "shit! Jess pause the movie!" i answered the phone; "Miss Connors! you are ten minutes late for work! care to explain why you are not here?" i thought fast and started coughing and choking as Calum stole my phone; "hello, im Miss Connor's GP. Unfortunately she has been written off on sick leave for two weeks due to a serious lung infection. i hope this isn't an inconvenience." there was talking and Calum smirked at me with a wink, "Certainly, not a problem. thank you for your understanding." he hung up the phone and handed it back to me. "now you got two weeks off to spend with me." he winked and the rest let out various 'ohhhsss' and giggles.

"so....." Chloe trailed out after the movie finished. "enjoy you birthday?" i looked over at the blonde headed blue eyed boy... "yeah.........cant remember your names though........" i trailed out and blushed they started laughing. Calum leaned into my shoulder; "Calum." he pointed to himself. "Luke. Ashton. Michael." he pointed to each of them and i laughed along with the girls. "i remember talking to you." i pointed to Luke and then to Calum. " you kept staring at me." i pointed to Ashton; "you. you were miserable staring into the back wall drinking and You Michael were well.... screaming and doing shots!" i grinned and they laughed. "i wasn't miserable! i was tired! try being up from three am." Ashton pouted and rested his head on Jess' shoulder. i winked at jess who blushed slightly. "wanna hang out?" Calum whispered in my ear and i shook my head. "no but i need to pee." i scrambled over toward Chloe and Luke and tried to climb over the sofa and Chloe pushed me.... again.

and another thud and another groan; "fuck you chloe!" i heard giggle. "please." i got to my feet and flipped her off as i walked to the bathroom.

i locked the door and pulled my phone from my track pants.



i groaned and fell to my bum.

from; Jess;

AWWWW do it ;) ive got Ashton's head in my lap ;) if only there wasn't any clothes xD

i groaned and then there was a knock on the door. "Lexia you okay in there?" Calum called and i groaned. i barely knew the guy. "uh yeah im cool. be back out in a second." i called back and heard him shuffle away.

after a few minutes i left and wondered back into the lounge and into the kitchen. just as my phone went off. Mom flashed across the screen. "hello?" she sighed; "Alexia! how are you?" i sighed and leaned against the side; "im fine Mom. just chilling with the girls." i heard shuffling and Calum leaned in the doorframe and smirked, "well Happy birthday honey!" a faint smile formed on my lips; "thanks Mom." she laughed; " You're brother was sent back out to serve he told me to tell you that he loves you and he'll see you when he gets back. he's going to write to you." i felt tears gather in my eyes. James my brother was two years older than me and was serving in the middle east. "O-Okay." i cracked out and she sighed; "He will be fine Lex. he'll be back home before you know it." i took some deep breaths and wiped my cheeks; "I know. i just wish i could've seen him more." she sighed again and spoke to someone in the background; "i have to go ill call you later." she hung up and i took some shaky breaths and walked back into the lounge and curled up under a blanket, "Lex whats wrong?" Chloe sat up and i turned to them and felt tears pour down my cheeks. "J-Jaime got sent b-back." i choked out and the girls all sighed and climbed over the boys, "why didn't you tell us?" i shook my head at Mila; "M-mom just told me." i wiped my cheeks and took some breaths again. "I.... i gotta get some air." i walked back into to the kitchen and grabbed a shot glass and the Jack Daniels from Chloe's cupboard and poured myself a drink.

one shot

two shots

three shots

just take the bottle.

i walked into the lounge again with the bottle and slammed it down on the table; "drinking again?!" Chloe moaned and i nodded; "yes. but give me one second."

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