Blinking Lights and Dial Tones

Lexie meets 4 boys but the stumbles and problems she faces when they leave.


3. Chapter 3

"J-jess...." i stuttered out and showed her my phone. she let out a giggle. "told you he was a hottie." i looked at the bigger photo.

'@Calum5sos: anyone know who this girl is!!? if its you tweet me babe ;) *photo*'




"tweet him then!" i felt my heartbeat speed up as i hot the reply button;

'@Lexie69; @Calum5sos ummm hey again! *photo*'

i sent a photo of myself with the three girls and threw my ohone in the table like it would catch fire at any second. "oh stop being a baby Lex!" Jess giggled out and i shook my head. then a few seconds later my phone buzzed i slowly grabbed it and looked at the message.

'@Calum5sos; @Lexie69 OH MY GOD I FOUND YOU!!! dm me ;) '

i looked at Jess and then opened a Direct message;

@Lexie69; hey Calum

@Calum5sos; hey there ;) remember me?

@Lexie69; ummm faintly i got kinda smashed last night.

@Calum5sos; yea i know myself and the boys watched

@Lexis69; oh wow umm that embarrassing

@Calum5sos; actually you were pretty hot ;)

i felt a heat spread to my cheeks and Jess laughed and read over my shoulder; "Wow he seems really into you." i rolled my eyes; "he keeps saying I'm hot he probably wants a fuck." she scoffed and started getting herself some food: "and!? wheres the problem there?! you need to rebound Lex, why not a hot guy with amazing muscles to take you." she winked at me and giggled; "hey he's like one hundred times hotter than Danny." i huffed and looked at my phone again.

@Lexia69; yeah well it was my bday and the girls felt like dragging me out to celebrate and for me to forget about my ex so i guess getting smashed was the only option they had

@Calum5sos; sounds like the ex was bit of a dick ;) what are you up to today?

i looked up at Jess and sighed biting my lip; "Jess.... what are we doing today?" ahe shrugged as the other two walked into the kitchen. "nothing. recovering from last night eating junk food and ordering pizza and watching movies." i nodded at Chloe and looked back to my phone;

@Lexie69; nothing just lazy day recovering and eating junk food with the girls. :)

@Calum5sos; well we're bored so wanna like maybe hang out? *photo of all the boys*

"OH MY GOD!" i squealed and Jess laughed; "whats with the squealing!?" i looked up and blushed a little and held my phone up of the photo calum sent; "wow the blonde with the snapback is a hottie!" Chloe shot out and Jess smirked; "the tanned one with the dark eyes and black snapback is talking to Lex, he kinda has the hots for her they were all talking to her at the bar last night while we partied." i blushed a little and Mila blushed; "sorry for ruining the moment with the Lex." i laughed and shook my head. "they um... wanna hang out." i stumbled over my words and they all nodded; "say yes then!" i nodded and replied;

@Lexia69; umm yeah sure come to this address 56b court avenue, west 10th :)

before i hit send: "girls stand around me for a photo. "thank you." i grinned and then sent the photo. i went back on normal twitter newsfeed and saw tweets i was tagged in;

@Luke5sos; Wooo lazy day with @Lexie69 and the girls ;)

@Ashton5sos; got something to do today with some gorgeous girls ;) @Lexie69

@Michael5sos; NEW FRIENDS NEW FRIENDS YAY @Lexie69

@Calum5sos; gonna spend the day with a gorgeous girl ;) @Lexie69

i blushed and the girls all looked at their phones and laughed. "wow." i rolled my eyes at Mila and grabbed the box of cereal off the side. i played with my phone and smirked;

@Lexie69; got some gatecrashers coming :( @Luke5sos @Calum5sos @Michael5sos @Ashton5sos

Chloe started laughing as we all piled into the lounge and gathered blankets and pillows and rearranged Chloe's sofa.... yeah it was that sofa thats a 'U' shape and the foot stool cube slotted in the gap to basically make a huge sofa bed. "if we order now it'll come when Lexie's friends come and they can pay for it." i nodded with a giggle; "sounds awesome."

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