Blinking Lights and Dial Tones

Lexie meets 4 boys but the stumbles and problems she faces when they leave.


2. Chapter 2

"i'm Luke." i smiled and shook his hand; "hey." he chuckled and bit his lip ring and turned to the three boys standing to his left; "Michael, Calum and Ashton." he pointed to each of them and i smiled and nodded that was until i caught the eye of the tanned boy with the snapback on his head. i blushed a little and then was interrupted by a drunk and giggling Mila. "LEXIE COME DANCE!!" she turned around and stumbled into me. i let out a laugh and shook my head. "Mila how much have you drunk!?" i laughed at her and she banged twice on the bar and three shots landed her way. "not...... enough...." she slurred and took a shot between her words. "ready?" i smirked and she arched an eyebrow. i raised my hands at the barman and 10 shots sat waiting in front of us. "first one to finish wins. you win i dance, i win i don't." she nodded and i counted down and took the shots as fast as i could only to hear a squeal. "I FUCKING WON BITCH!!" i looked down at the empty up turned glasses and groaned. "fuck!" she giggled and grabbed my hand. "nice meeting you guys!!" i called back to the four boys as Mila dragged me to the dance floor.

~the next day~

i woke up and groaned at the amazing hangover i managed to get. i rolled off the sofa and walked into a kitchen.... chloe's house. "morning." i heard a whisper and saw Jess curled up on the sofa chair that chloe decided to put in her kitchen. "hey." she pointed to the table where orange juice and painkillers were set out i smiled and down four of the pills..... hey gotta kill this headache one way or another. "who were those guys you were talking to last night?" i looked up ay Jess and arched an eyebrow; "what guys?" i spoke and she silently laughed; "they were really cute. one was tall, blonde and hot with a lip ring, the next one was kinda bright like bright pink almost red hair and yeah he was defo a cutie, next one was tall tanned and had a really nice butt-" she winked at me; "the final one had honey caramel curly hair and okay he was drop dead gorgeous!" i laughed a little and winced at the sound. i slipped into the seat next to her and she smile; "the tanned one couldn't stop staring at you. i watched the whole thing, Mila ruined it too be honest dragging you away." i rolled my eyes and a quit Mila walked into the room; "morning." i smirked out and she groaned. "shuddup." she grabbed the pills and walked back to the spare room. "anyways before we left i swear i saw you talking to one of them and you took photos with him." that caught my attention. she shrugged as i went on twitter.

my eyes widened at what i saw.

'anyone know who this girl is!!? if its you tweet me babe ;)'


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