Blinking Lights and Dial Tones

Lexie meets 4 boys but the stumbles and problems she faces when they leave.


1. Chapter 1

"COME ON LEXIA!!" i groaned and shimmied on my skin tight blue bodycon dress and my heels and made my way out my room and down the door. "wow!" i rolled my eyes and grabbed my bag and jacket; "coming?" i mumbled and they three girls laughed; "oh cheer up its your birthday!" i huffed and slid into Jessie's car followed by Chloe and Mila. "yeah a birthday i dont wanna celebrate." they all let out groans. "look Danny dumped you like two months ago! you deserve togo out and have some fun!! hook up with some cute guy and get on with your life whats holding you back!?" Mila spoke and i shot her a look: "you still love him dont you?" Chloe spoke and i stayed quiet until we arrived at the club.

"WE HERE ITS SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY TONIGHT!" the dj spoke and i shot the girls a look and they all started laughing. i was leaning up against the bar and sighed. they had to so this! "WE'RE GONNA PLAY YOU A SONG. FOREVER BY CHRIS BROWN HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXIA!" i smiled best as i could and wave at the dj but turned around and ordered a large jack and coke. "Lexie!!! c'mon!! come dance!!" Chloe moan at me and tried to pull me to the dance floor; "no i just wanna sit here and drink!" i shot back and she huffed and went to join Mila and Jess. i started ordering shots and downing them.

"LEXIE!" i turned around and then i smirked. "Jessica. i'll make a deal with you if i loose i have to dance you loose i can stay her. we each do six shots and last one standing." she nodded as we started.

guess who won.

thats right baby!! me!

she groaned and went back to the girls and i heard laughing coming from my side as i flipped Jess off. "that was... something." i turned to see who spoke and was met by some gorgeous eyes. "excuse me?" the guy smirked as did his friends. "you can hold your alcohol." i nodded and downed the rest of my now flat jd and coke. "that i definitely can." i waved at the bar tender and he made me another drink up. "so whats your name?" the guy asked and i shifted on my seat. "Alexia, Lexie or Lexia for short. yourself?" i smiled and he chuckled. "i'm...."

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