Identical opposites


2. the gift of reading

~~Thea was sitting on the table with her legs crossed and her back leaning on the wall. Her hair was falling messily on her shoulders and cold wind was blowing towards her, but she didn’t feel that. Her book had taken her to a completely new universe. A universe where she could feel the deep misery of the characters. She felt every tear falling down their cheeks as if the tear was spilling from her own heart. She loved the handsome boy in there. Truly loved him. The way he loved the girl. How he was ready to do anything for her. How he knew her better than anyone else. The fact that they had to be separated was piercing Thea’s heart as if she was in their place.
 When your heart is being torn how can you care about the cold wind in a world far far away? How can you care about a world that is much less magical?

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