Identical opposites


11. Questions number 497 and 984

~~Here they were buying makeup. As you might guess Thea and her friends were trying perfume number 497 and asking question number 984 to the cashier. After all they needed to know everything to pick the perfect.
- Are you serious? There is no difference between the two perfumes, can we leave please!
- Shut up Katya, some of us want people to like us and hate smelling of sweat and this morning’s breakfast.
- If you had more than one brain curve you wouldn’t have any contact with people who care about how you smell.
- Says the girl who spends her free time highlighting books.
Katya was going to answer this, but there was no point. Her sister was so shallow and every conversation was pointless and dull. Thea was so vapid she didn’t even deserve to be offended.
- That would be 250, please. Anything else I can offer you?
- Do you have …
- Thea, are you mad? You can’t spend 250 on makeup!
- Please don’t listen to my sister, who seems to lack class. - Thea just looked at her sister like the queen looks at the peasants. – Add the pink perfume as well. – she said while grinning at Katya. Maybe ignoring the pest was a good policy, but not when the pest was your hideous, loner, socially awkward twin sister.

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